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How to get a US Bank Account from India?

    Going to the US for work or studies is an exciting prospect. You can make this prospect even more fun for yourself by taking care of your finances beforehand. Now, an assured way to make the finances easier is to have your own US bank account. But you cannot straight away open your own bank account in the US. So, what to do when you are going to the US from India? There is nothing to worry because you have the neo banks to your rescue.

    US Bank Account

    Advantages of getting a US Bank Account from India

    Given below are the top three reasons why you need a US bank account:

    build your credit score

    keep US dollars as a hedge against the inflation of the Indian rupee

    spend abroad and online in US dollars using a credit or debit card

    Open your US bank account through neo banks

    The neo banks are making the best use of tech to simplify accounts, transfers, and money access in the highly globalized and digital world. Their aim is to fill the wide gap left open by the traditional banks for Indians transfering to the US and trying to have their bank account there.

    Many of the neo banks also partner up with other banks for offering the services. They try to offer the most urgent banking solutions to customers, such as credit cards, bank accounts, credit building cards, and so on. The customers are happy because they benefit from cheaper, easier, simpler, and fast-to-access services.

    As such, one of the prime services offered by these neo banks is getting Indians a bank account before they arrive in the US. For instance, you can get in touch with Zolve, which caters to travelers across the world, especially the ones moving to the US from India. It is backed by several renowned venture capital firms and has partnered up with a US bank to offer these facilities.

    How to open your US bank account from India

    Here are the steps to follow to easily open your US bank account from India:

    → Step 1: Gather all official documents to open the account

    Due to the latest verification technology, you need no more than two to three documents to open an account through Zolve. For instance, you will need a valid US visa, an Indian passport, and an Aadhaar card to open a US bank account through Zolve.

    → Step 2: Complete the process of application online

    Visit the official website and follow all the instructions to open your bank account. It should not take more than ten minutes to complete the entire application process. You basically need to mention your full name, personal details, and contact information, along with all the necessary documents.

    → Step 3: Confirming your identity

    Based on the method used by your provider, you will have to verify and validate your identity by an email or phone. After your documents and your identity is authenticated and verified by the provider, you will get access to the US bank account from India.

    → Step 4: Fund the US bank account

    If you are going to the US in a few days, you now have a way to ease transactions there beforehand. You will have a way to access US dollars right from the moment you land at the airport.

    The bottom line

    So, if you are ready to make that trip to the US, go ahead and open your US bank account right away from India. You would be glad you took the step because it will remarkably ease out the transition for you.

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