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Top 5 Free Fax Apps for iPhone & iPad in 2023

    Best fax app for iphone

    Nowadays, you will need to send a fax at some point in the future. Some places still refuse to take emails or require you to sign by hand. You don't need to spend much on a fax machine if you only fax once. With a best fax app for iphone, your phone may act as a portable fax machine in your pocket, allowing you to send and receive faxes anywhere and at any time. 

    In a digital era where everything can be done through the Internet, using your iPhone to send and receive fax sheets worldwide is nothing unusual. A free fax number is also available from several online fax businesses. 

    These fax apps allow you to send and receive faxes via email from your iPhone. Many dedicated iPhone fax apps allow transmitting faxes directly from your phone. You may obtain and communicate fax PDF documents or photographs with the help of these apps.

    Fax Apps for iPhone & iPad

    → # Dingtone FAX:

    When it comes to sending and receiving faxes from your iPhone, iPad, or Android device, Dingtone FAX must be noted. It gives you a local or international phone number that you may use to send faxes to over 100 countries. Aside from that, this fantastic tool includes scanning, file editing, page combining, cover page, and signature addition. This FAX app helps all popular configurations and third groups. It even has a comprehensive introduction to online fax services on its website, can be useful for folks just starting online faxing.


    • To transmit faxes, obtain a local United States phone number.
    • Make a Fax using your photo library or by scanning anything you choose.
    • Fax documents, PDFs, photographs, and more from your phone or the cloud.
    • Before sending, photo editing enabled a better look.
    • To give your Fax a more professional appearance, including a cover page.
    • Choose from a variety of fax cover sheet templates E-signature
    • To fax directly, select a person from your address book.
    • When your Fax is successfully sent and delivered, you will be notified.

    → # Tiny Fax:

    Tiny Fax is an internet fax program that has been developing for seven years and has millions of users worldwide. Tiny Fax allows users to send and receive faxes from anywhere at any time, with additional features including document status tracking and file editing. Books, receipts, notes, pictures, IDs, passports, whiteboards, posters, cards, letters, newspapers, screens, licenses, menus, certifications, music scores, and other document formats are included.


    • Faxing from an iPhone to numbers in more than 50 countries
    • Add vital sender and recipient information to a professionally designed cover and send it for free.
    • Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, and iCloud Drive are all good options for storing documents.
    • At a glance, see the status of all your sending jobs and receive notifications for any successes or failures.
    • Sort papers into categories and preserve them.

    → # FAX.PLUS:

    FAX.PLUS is an online fax service that is safe, dependable, cross-platform, and simple. It allows you to send faxes to any country from your iPhone. FAX.PLUS will enable you to sign documents electronically. The most innovative feature of FAX.PLUS is the ability to plan faxes for delivery at a specific time and date. You can choose when the paper should be automatically transmitted. Furthermore, this app's security is excellent. Your fax procedure is secure, thanks to two-factor authentication, TLS encryption, and top-tier server infrastructure.


    • API for fax programming
    • Use your phone's camera to scan documents.
    • Using your device or cloud storage, upload and attach your documents.
    • Make your Fax more professional by including a cover page.
    • Set a specific date and time for your Fax to be sent.
    • The Send Fax page's options include a retry for failed faxes function.
    • Your email address will be notified of any faxes you've sent or received.
    • Faxing that adheres to HIPAA guidelines
    • Add notes to faxes to organize your fax collection.

    → # eFax:

    eFax is another popular fax program that uses a dependable online fax service. You may be confident that your important Fax will be sent with eFax. This free fax software allows you to produce and transmit faxes using your iPhone camera, cloud storage, or email attachments, just like a mobile fax machine. However, compared to other online fax service providers, its monthly charge is greater. Notably, eFax supports over 170 standard file formats, including almost all common file types such as PDF, PS, JEPG, and others.


    • Pick a fax number that is either local or toll-free.
    • Faxes can be edited as well as signed.
    • Use your device to scan documents and upload files.
    • Add a custom cover page if you want to.
    • Documents can be saved in the cloud, and there is no limit to the amount of space they can take up.
    • Use Air Print to send faxes. Documents can be faxed or emailed from your phone. Maintain contact lists for both personal and professional use. On your mobile device, tag faxes and access them quickly.
    • Faxing through email or the eFax website is an option.

    → # iFax:

    iFax allows iPhone and iPad users to send quick faxes. Users can scan paper documents and convert them to electronic files using the webcam on their iPhone or iPad and choose a personalized cover page for any fax document to safeguard sent faxes from being read by strangers.


    • Consolidate several documents into a single fax.
    • Supported cloud storage systems
    • Scanning documents with your Smartphone's camera
    • Faxing from the outside
    • Cover page templates that can be customized
    • Specialized Assistance is unrestricted 24 hours a day, 7 days

    Final thoughts:

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