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7 Effective Hacks to Gain Your YouTube Engagement Rate in 2022

Youtube is the world’s largest content platform. With thousands of hours of content already uploaded on the platform, it becomes one of the most important places for social media marketers to focus. Youtube is a website that rewards the creator, for creating the content. Since they know if the content creators dont put up videos, then youtube won't be the go to place for people. So, if you’re looking to become a content creator on youtube and take your brand or channel further, then this is the article for you. Today we are going to talk about the 7 most effective hacks to gain a youtube engagement rate in 2022. So if that is what you’re interested in then let's dive right in. 

YouTube Engagement Rate

1. Shorter videos go a long way

According to a study performed by youtube analytics, more than 50 percent of the views are hogged in my videos that are 16-120 seconds long. To put it in the picture, videos that are shorter than even 2 minutes are the ones getting all the engagement. Well, this might not be the case when you look into every niche, however, in general, shorter videos do perform better than longer ones. For example, if you are scouring youtube for a good video and you finally land on two, which one would you pick? The one with the shorter video length or the longer? Well, the answer is simple, the former. This is why keeping your video length to a good 10 minutes can help you get the maximum engagement without harming the watch time metric. 

2. Employing basic youtube SEO techniques

This is one of the most important things that get skipped by people. Youtube SEO  or SEO of any shape and form makes the content much more discoverable and hence is very important to be put to use. Now, youtube SEO comprises of three major things. This includes keyword optimization, video description,and video promotion. If you use these three techniques effectively, then you would have the right mix to replicate success on youtube. Keywords are very important as they help youtube categorize and prioritize videos when people search for them, video description helps people understand what there is in the video ,and lastly promotion is very important to be able to it make through the cut throat competition in th world of youtube. 

3. Likes, comments, shares

Well, if you’re not already tired of content creators saying like share, subscribe, and similar things down the line then heads up! However, as a content creator saying this is very important. Youtube judges your videos based on the number of likes you get and the active participation of the audience. This is because it helps youtube recommend better videos to their users and hence keep them on the app for longer. If you’re getting a lot of participation from your audience then you’re good because it will help you get more subscribers in the long run. 

4. Youtube subscribers

Well, for people who dont know, buying youtube subscribers is one of the most important tactics that people use to grow their youtube channel. A lot of people dont talk openly about it, but every successful content creator on youtube has done it frequently to gain the subscriber status they have. Now, is buying youtube subscribers bad? Well. no. if you’re not buying from shady websites that offer you, youtube subscribers, very cheap, then you’re safe. If you buy youtube subscribers from verified websites then you can be sure to get an engagement boost as these websites use organic methods of getting followers. 

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5. Respond to viewer engagement 

Responding to viewer engagement helps the viewer connect with you better and hence actively participate more. Take this, for example, you comment on your favorite creator’s video and they respond to it, you would want to comment again right? Well, this is the exact effect you want your viewers to have. However, this would be more prominent once you’ve already gained a lo of audience and popularity, but if you use the tips mentioned above, that is not too far ahead. 

6. Consistently keep creating and posting

Being consistent is something that a lot of people forget. If you’re in your initial stages of content creation, then being consistent is one of the most important things. This is because you dont have a lot of recognition in your niche and if you dont post frequently enough, more people wont be able to see your content. Consider this as,  posting more frequently increases the chances of you being seen more often on recommended pages and hence increasing your youtube engagement off that. 

7. Keep an eye on the analytics

Analytics and other metrics are very important to keep an eye on. This lets you understand what type of content is working with your audience and what isnt. Since analytics give you a solid number, it takes speculation out of the equation and tells you what you need to do more often to get the popularity you want. You amy have noticed this with content creators, that had a video blowing up and have created multiple videos like that, to regain the popularity. 


The above-mentioned 7 tips are highly recommended if you’re looking to grow your youtube channel and also increase your engagement rate in 2022. If you havent used these already then we highly suggest doing so. We’re sure you will get a lot of popularity if you do so. Till then, keep scrolling!

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