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E shram card: what are the benefits of registration on

    Nowadays, people are financially vulnerable and require assistance. Their support from the government is extensive. These people receive a lot of help from the government. The government accomplishes tasks like providing free or inexpensive food and financial aid through implementing numerous programmes. The portal has also begun to introduce numerous initiatives to the public simultaneously. E-SRAM Card is one such gateway. As they age, many people have multiple financial challenges. The Indian government launched the E-Shram Card in response to these issues facing workers in the unorganized sector. Here are some steps for registering the E shram card, which are mentioned below: 

    E shram card

    What is an E-shram card?  


    The Ministry of Labour and Employment will create the e-Shram portal, designed to build a nationwide database of unorganized workers seeded with a person's Aadhaar. The information comprises name, occupation, residence, educational background, skill kinds, family information, and other factors to help determine a person's employability and whether or not to extend social security benefits. The database is the first of its kind national level and includes performance and platform workers, migrant workers, construction workers, and other unorganized labour. 

    Benefits of getting an E-shram card:

    • You have the opportunity to interact and network with unorganized employees from all over the nation.

    • Numerous street sellers, domestic helpers, and labourers will be available in the database and prepared to work.

    • Each registered member will have a complete profile with information about their training and experience to aid in finding suitable work across the nation.

    • They are taking advantage of and carefully considering various federal, state, and local government programmes for workers in the unorganized sector.

    • An exclusive, nationwide 12-digit code will provide you access to your e-Shramik card.

    • Unorganized workers can access all new government programmes and services through the e-Shram portal.

    Required documentation for registration:

    Aadhar card

    Account Passbook

    Utility bill or ration card

    Present Mobile Number

    How to register on the E-shram portal?

    Step 1: In the search box of any internet browser, type the official website address of the e-Shram portal page

    Step 2: Select the Register on e-SHRAM link or area on the homepage.

    Step 3: The user will be sent to a new page at their URL portal once you click on it.

    Step 4: The user must enter their Aadhaar-linked cellphone number during self-registration.

    Step 5: To send the OTP, enter the captcha and choose whether the recipient is an employee of the Employees' Provident Fund Organization or the Employees' State Insurance Corporation.

    Step 6: In order to finish the registration procedure, the user must then proceed to the next step and provide their bank account information, among other details.

    Final thoughts:

    The main goal of the E-shram card is to compile a comprehensive database of all construction workers, migrant workers, gig and platform workers, street vendors, domestic workers, agricultural workers, etc. This will make it easier to provide social security services to them and share their information with different stakeholders for the delivery of welfare programmes.

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