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6 Facebook Advertising Toronto Strategies To Try Right Now

    Facebook advertising works as much as a sales channel. The platform enables more than simple brand-customer interactions, making it one of the best social media networks to drive online sales and reach your target audience. This is why Facebook advertising is a must for all businesses out there.

    Although Facebook advertising is experiencing skyrocketing costs and diminishing returns because of the ever-changing privacy regulations and policies, it remains a vital channel to consider. Besides, Facebook is one of the biggest social media sites and offers robust targeting options for advertisers.

    Facebook Advertising Toronto

    If you want to make the most out of this social media, here are Facebook advertising Toronto strategies to try right now:

    1). Do A/B Testing Regularly

    When it comes to Facebook advertising, one of the strategies you should never forget is to do A/B tests as often as possible. A/B testing is an experimenting process in which you compare two versions of one variable, which in this case, is ads. In this process, you post advertisements differently and see which ones are effective. Doing this every so often is essential since your audience may change over time, and their behaviors or preferences may not always be the same.

    In addition, politics, trends, and world events may alter people's responses negatively or positively. So, if you want to strive for the best results and optimize your Facebook ads campaigns, do A/B tests regularly.

    2). Personalize Your Ads To Target Specific Audiences

    As mentioned, Facebook has some robust ad targeting options, enabling you to get specific with your audience, ad creative, and promotions. This is particularly useful if you don’t have lots of existing customer data to use. 

    The Core Audience feature of Facebook allows you to be specific with your target market based on the following criteria:

    Connections – It enables you to dictate whether you want to target people connected to your Facebook page and already know your brand or if you prefer to exclude them and focus on customer acquisition and brand awareness.

    Behavior – Refers to your preferred users’ digital behavior, such as purchase behavior, device usage, and network speed.

    Interests – You may specify hobbies and things your audience might like to do.

    Demographics – You may indicate gender, age, education, relationship, income, political affiliation, language, job, and more of your target audience.

    Location – This enables you to target specific states, countries, provinces, communities, and cities. You may also set a radius around the central point. For instance, Facebook users within 10 miles of a particular zip code.

    You can use the Audience Insights tool to get some ideas on building your Core Audience on Facebook. Audience Insights will tell you your current follower's demographics, location, connections, and behavior.

    3). Determine The Right Frequency Balance

    Your customers might get annoyed seeing your ads over and over again. Over time, your ads may lose their effectiveness because customers either get frustrated or ignore them and avoid the brand. 

    The most effective ads don’t appear less than six times to the same customers. Anything more than that might lead you to a lower click-through rate (CTR) and a higher cost-per-click (CPC). 

    To avoid such circumstances. you should:

    • Find the right frequency balance while creating your ads.

    • Set the frequency by determining the number of times your ads should show up for every customer.

    • Set the action to tell Facebook what you want it to do when the views have been reached.

    Depending on your preferences, you can turn off the ad sets so the ad will stop showing for customers when the limit has been hit.

    This Facebook advertising strategy will help you create an experience for your customers that encourages them to complete an action like giving you their email address or buying something from your store. To find the best balance for your ads, experiment with various frequencies.

    4). Make Your Facebook Ads Mobile Friendly

    Many people create ads on desktops, but your target users probably use mobile devices. 

    Since tablets and smartphones have become ubiquitous, you need your ads to be compatible with and look good on any mobile device type. Remember, most Facebook users log in using their mobile devices and seldom use desktops.

    Facebook Ads Mobile Friendly

    5). Create Evergreen Facebook Ads

    Regardless of the type of business you have, you might need to run ads weekly or monthly. With evergreen Facebook ads, you can utilize one or a group of ads to pop up to the same customers for days or weeks. However, even if your ads run often, it doesn’t mean that you need to start from scratch every single time. It would not be necessary and can be time-consuming. An excellent approach is to take your old ads and repurpose them to make them more engaging Facebook ads.

    There are various evergreen strategies you can choose from:

    Lead Generation Campaigns – When people know who you are, your next step is to get their information, like email addresses. To do this, provide value to your audience to get them engaged with you and make them open to further communication. Some of the things you can provide may include free samples, e-books, and webinars.

    Awareness Campaigns – Such campaigns target people who will likely engage with your business. Facebook awareness campaigns are made for sharing your company story with your audience. To start, you may include product highlights. You can also use awareness campaign ads to boost sales and customer engagement.

    Once you’ve selected your evergreen strategy, make necessary tweaks to already-made ads. You could be surprised to find how much you’ll get out of an old favorite with a few minutes of work to set new campaigns and call-to-actions (CTAs).

    6). Expand Your Market Through Lookalike Targeting

    This Facebook advertising strategy is an excellent way to acquire new customers. Lookalike audience uses your customed audience to source potential leads.

    Generally, lookalike audiences are people who are likely to be interested in your business because they have a lot in common with your existing audiences. Therefore, you may use the same ads for them that you’re already running for your target audience. 

    Since you already know the groups’ preferences, you can use effective and proven ad creative to introduce them to your business.

    However, make sure to scale how similar your Lookalike Audiences are to your original source audience. Once you keep it very similar, you’re more likely to target smaller and more specific groups. If you allow more variance between the audiences, you’ll target a broader and larger audience. Facebook enables up to 500 Lookalike Audiences, so you have plenty of room to experiment and get creative.


    The above Facebook advertising strategies are crucial to get the best return on investment (ROI) possible, especially in today’s highly competitive market. Just make sure to implement them wisely and never hesitate to ask for help from experts in Facebook advertising to get satisfactory results.