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Logitech z623 Review

In the world of technology, the landscape is changing rapidly. Companies are investing in providing affordable solutions that would reach a larger audience. Fierce competition in the tech world compels the solution providers to innovate and launch their products at reasonable prices.

The same is the case when you are looking to buy affordable sound solutions for your desktop system. The market is filled with genuinely great products that meet all user requirements. Logitech is a reputable company which offers a wide range of computer-related products.

Logitech z623

Users trust it due to the performance and reliability of their products. If you are looking for a sound system for your desktop that delivers excellent performance at affordable rates, then you should check out Logitech z623 computer speakers.

They are designed to serve a larger audience. Logitech z623 shows excellent performance and is available at an affordable price. Though they look like their predecessors Logitech z623, they have extra inputs that may be important to users looking for the best sound system. Today we are going to review Logitech z623. Hopefully, it will let you know more about the product!

Logitech z623

It is a 2.1 channel surround sound speaker that outputs massive 200 watts RMS power when attached to your audio device; in most cases, it's your computer. With the incredible design, Logitech z623 becomes the ideal choice for your desktop computer setup.

The setup consists of two individual satellite speakers, a powerful subwoofer, and a matt black finish. The design is sleek; it's first-of-kind THX-certified speakers compared to their price range.

THX provides cinema surround sound certification. As a result, you can expect a deep base, enough power, and satisfying performance from these speakers.

These speakers have RCA and 3.5 mm inputs, which enables you to connect a wide range of devices to them, from your computer to gaming consoles, music players, and TV all at once. Moreover, users can also listen to music privately by connecting headphones via a 3.5 mm jack.

Controls are present on the right satellite speaker; for easy accessibility, listeners can adjust their preferences by using these controls.

● Gaming Experience:

They are fit for gaming and produce high clear, crisp sounds wrapped in the bass to give you a more pleasant experience. Gamers are mainly looking for speakers that can deliver any background sound, especially the enemy's footstep, and any small detail; well, they can deliver all of that with ease.

Design of Logitech z623

● Satellite Speakers:

The Logitech z623 consists of two satellite speakers and a subwoofer. Due to their compact sleet design, they are easily placed on the computer table, with a height of 7.8 inches, 5.6 inches width, and 5.4 inches depth makes them fit perfectly without making any clutter.

Their design is unique with a broader bottom and narrower top; rubbers pads are present at the bottom of both speakers and subwoofer to avoid any displacement caused by vibration at higher volume. These feet also provide them grip on tabletops and glass surfaces.

All the controls are integrated into the right satellite speaker, which includes a power button, volume, and bass knobs; though it comes with standard bass settings and is loud enough if a user wants more bass,

Moreover, the right speaker also has additional inputs, a 3.5mm connection, Aux, and a headphone jack. Both speakers come with enough 1.85m to 1.95m longer serial cables to place them comfortably.

● Subwoofer:

The subwoofer is larger than the speakers in size, has dimensions of 11.9inchs height, 10.4 inches in width, and 11.1inches in depth. On opening the subwoofer, you will find the subwoofer is precisely 7 inches that deliver some serious output. On turning up the volume to the maximum, you feel vibrations.

The main input panel is located in the back of the subwoofer, although the right satellite speaker also has an additional input jack. It has 3.5 mm and stereo RCA input; you can directly attach your computer from here. One more fact is that satellite speakers need separate AC power cables that come with them.

Performance of Logitech z623

Logitech is famous for its computer peripherals products. They are not regarded as a specific sound solutions company, but they deliver users with more affordable, loud bass-boosted sound.

The satellite speakers produce clear, crisp high-end notes and a broad mid-range. They already come with auto-tuned bass and treble out of the box. But if a user wants more bass, they can increase it by using the dial present on the right satellite speaker.

Though it produces enough sound, it lacks tone control, especially at high-end treble while playing acoustic tracks. Overall, it produces excellent sound with little distortion here and there. They are also THX certified, clear all the tests and benchmarks according to the industry standard; all these things make them a viable option.

Technical Specifications:

● Dimensions:

 I.  Satellite Speakers  7.8inches x 5.6inches x 5.4inches

II.  Subwoofer height 11.9″ x width10.9″ x depth11.1″

● Weight:

 I.   Left satellite speaker 2.1lbs

II.  Right Satellite speaker 2.2lbs

III. Subwoofer 15.4lbs

● Controls:

I.   Power Button

II.   Volume knob

III. Bass knob

● Power:

 I.  Subwoofers 135watt

II.   Satellite speakers 35watt each

III.  RMS output 200w

Pros and Cons:

Pros and Cons make the purchase decision more convenient.

● Pros:

1. They are powerful and deliver deep bass.

2. Overall, they check all the boxes and produce good sound quality.

3. Separate controls for volume and bass on satellite speakers.

4. Sleek matt black finish design.

5. Compatible with multiple input devices.

6.  Produce excellent sound while playing games and watching movies.

7.  200-watt powerful output.

8. THX-certified

9. Affordable equipped with more options.      


1. Mid and high ranges could be crispier and sharper.

2. Due to its comparatively larger size subwoofer is hard to fit.

3. Distortion at the high-end treble.

4. There is no remote control present.

5. Hardwired cables are a hassle to set up.


The Logitech z623 are good speakers that provide clear, crisp sound with a deep base. They are affordable have a sleek matt black finish and design.

Excellent for those who multitask while using computers to a gaming console, video streaming comes with multiple inputs options. THX certification makes them worth considering. product

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