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Summer, Sound outdoor Bluetooth speaker

Sunshine on your mind? 

Well, summers are just around! 

If you are also craving for ice drinks and ice creams, and waiting to chill at the pool side all day long then you would be glad to know that the temperature is slowly rising and it’s soon gonna be time to chill by the poolside or have a lazy day at the beach or hit the mountains for a summer treat! So shake off your winter coats and jackets and get ready to welcome summers with an open heart! 

Now, it doesn’t matter if your plan is to take your podcasts to the garden on a summer evening or want to invite over a couple of friends to chill by the pool, you are going to need an outdoor bluetooth speaker! And when it comes to outdoor speakers, you need to keep a few points in mind! 

Since, you plan on using them out in the open, you need to understand that outside the sound travels further but eventually dissipates as there is nothing to reverberate or bounce off. 

This is why it’s important to have a powerful outdoor speaker if your intent is to play loud music outside.

Secondly, it’s important that your speakers come with a decent battery life and hassle-free connectivity options, so that you don’t have to keep on struggling and enjoy the party. 

But we can understand that even with all this context, it’s very much difficult to find the speakers that can replace soundbars and prove to be a perfect buy for summers!

That’s why we have come up with the following list of best bluetooth speakers in India that you can count on to fulfill your summer musical needs: 

boAt Party pal 60

Planning a pool party? Or hitting the beach with friends? Well, don’t forget to  invite or carry along your new party partner! 

boAt Party pal 60

It doesn’t matter, if it’s a solo party or the one with your group, with this, you are guaranteed to fully enjoy every bit of it. Feel free to get really loud as this boombox offers a premium 20W party sound output. It adds a layer of funky finesse to your favorite music and pumps out ultra-smooth tunes. 

You can even customise the EQs till you get your desired bass level. The 2200mAh lithium battery is strong and powerful and allows the party rhythm to keep on flowing for up to 4H. You can even connect two PartyPal’s and make every moment magical with the true wireless feature. 

With this, tune into any mood of your choice - be it FM Radio, TF, USB, AUX with easy access controls, which can look intimidating at first. But once your eyes adjust to the wide range of features, you  will discover a whole new level of convenience and awesomeness. 

And if you are a karaoke fan, then you would be glad to know that this speaker comes with a microphone which you can use to connect a mic and play your all-time-favorite game with your friends. 

Zebronics ZEB-101 Bluetooth Trolley Speaker

You like your music loud and you want to carry your party anywhere you go! Well, with these wireless speakers by your side, you are guaranteed to get it all! 

Zebronics ZEB-101 Bluetooth Trolley Speaker

The fact that it comes in a trolly design with wheels and a retractable handle, this is one of the most easy to move around speakers in this list. With this you can also host your party with singing to the wireless mic on karaoke or listening to your recorded voice for some added fun. It offers a battery life of up to 5.8H. 

The LED display and the LED light control switch gives this speaker a trendy look. It also comes with multi-connectivity options like wireless BT/ USB/ Micro SD/ AUX and comes with a built-in FM Radio too.

Zook Rocker Thunder Pro

Music and masti go hand in hand - and with this monster box, you are going to get a doseful of both. 


Zook Rocker Thunder Pro

Powered by 1800 mAh battery support, it provides a playtime of up to 5H. It is built on the strong foundation of TWS or True Wireless Technology, which provides easy and uncompromised music play while the audio is enabled with stereo technology for high-quality music playback.

The 30W speaker output produces a clear sound, however the bass tends to get muddy at the peak levels.  It supports TF card plus MP3 playback and has in-built FM, AUX and USB input, which allows you to enjoy all forms of music, whenever you want. 

JBL Charge essential 20W

JBL is not a new name to the music industry. And this JBL product definitely lives up to the expectations of its parent company’s reputation.


JBL Charge essential 20W

This 20 W Bluetooth speaker comes with dual drivers and each driver is about 50 mm. So, it would deliver a huge impact on your music with clear and crisp sounds. This speaker has the high waterproof ratings of IPX7. 

This maximum waterproof rating will protect your speaker from the action of splash and water. You can even put it under 30m of water, it will still be up and pumping. It is built upon good-grade materials and has a rugged finish. Over all, it is a great choice for outdoor parties. 

Tribit Stormbox

Slim, smart and powerful, this bluetooth speaker is a good option for all. 


Tribit Stormbox

Weighing in at only 1.2lb (535 g) it is a fairly light speaker considering the volume it is capable of producing. This means you can pop it in a bag (it should even fit in a side pocket if your backpack has them). You could even use the carry strap to attach it to the outside of your bag for sound on the go! 

Thanks to the Bluetooth technology, you’re free to wander up to 66 ft away from the device without breaking the connection between your smartphone and the speaker. This gives you even more freedom as you enjoy your music, however, there’s no 360-degree sound.

Now that you have gone through the list, we hope that you are all set to slay this summer in style, with your favorite tunes by your side! 

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