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Does Target Take Apple Pay? Is It Safe and Free?

    Target corporation is one of the biggest retail corporations having headquarters in the US. Target began to expand nationwide in the 1980s and started introducing new product formats under the brand name in the 1990s. The Parent company “Dayton's Company of Minneapolis” was renamed Target Corporation in 2000.

    Target began its expansion in 2004  and targeted the invasion of urban markets. Currently Target has 1962 stores in the United States and secured 37th rank in the Fortune 500 corporation by total revenue in the US. 

    Target suffered a major and highly criticised security breach of customer credit card data in the early 2010s. but they were able to bounce back and experienced an inevitable success by their expansion in Urban areas within The United states

    To answer “Does Target take Apple Pay ?”, yes it does.

    Apple in its newsletter stated that Apple Pay is rolling out now in Target Stores and they were expected to be available in 1850 locations in the United states. Target Corporation also supports Apple Pay in their Online Platforms. 

    Having about 380 million Apple users in the world and supporting many online wallets, Target takes Apple Pay now. 

    does target take apple pay

    Why Does Target Take Apple Pay?

    Target launched its own wallet feature and Target RedCard in Target App. Despite having its own wallet, Target decided to take Apple Pay because of its widespread users in the United States. 

    In the United states Apple gadgets are used by the majority of the population and Apple Pay is supported by almost all the Apple Gadgets namely iphone, iwatches, ipad. Also Apple products are considered as one of the most secure devices in today’s digital world. 

    Privacy and Data Security are the mantras followed by the Apple Inc. and is also accepted unanimously by its Global user.

    How does Target Take Apple Pay?

    Target accepts Apple Pay just like how other wallets work. Apple is much more simple and User-friendly because of its features. To use Apple Pay one must configure their Apple wallet in their mobile.

    Steps to configure Apple Pay

    To configure your apple pay Payment wallet follow the steps

    Open the Wallet app in your Apple Device

    Tap the + icon in your Wallet App

    Scan the credit or debit card which has to be added to your Wallet

    Authorise the Bank details for your card

    Scan your Biometric and you are ready to use Apple Pay

    Just like your normal Apple Pay payments, Pay your bills with Apple Pay in Target Stores.

    How to settle your bills with Apple Pay at Target?

    Apple Pay can be used in Target Stores in a similar way as others. To pay using Apple Pay, you will just need to hold your apple device over the payment terminal with your Apple wallet open.

    If your Apple wallet is properly configured, the amount will be deducted automatically from the card details given in the wallet app once you approve the Payment with your biometrics(i.e you will have to scan your Fingerprint or Face Id).

    Apple Pay in Target Self Checkouts.

    Apple Pay is accepted by Target in all its mediums be it online website or Target checkouts. 

    Apple Pay works the same way in Target Checkouts as like the others.

    Firstly, you will need to scan all the items that have been purchased  and if you are ready to pay, you have to select the apple pay form the payment options available.

    After you select the Apple Pay option, the Payment can be done in the similar way like other normal Target Stores.

    Is Apple Pay browser compatible? 

    Target websites also support Apple Pay to purchase items online. However, Apple Pay is not compatible with all the browsers available.

    It means that when a Target Website is opened in any other browser than Safari on an Apple device, Apple Pay is not supported. So, to use Apple Pay in Target Website it should be opened only in Safari Browser.

    Is it safe and free to use Apple Pay?

    Apple Pay is considered as the most secure online Payment mode by its users and it is completely free to use Apple Pay. It also does not have  any limits on your purchases.

    What about Failure Transaction in Apple Pay?

    Firstly on Failure transaction contact the store manager to sort out the issue. If problems still exist, you can contact the Apple Support team to sort out the issue.

    To shop more Safely and securely Target takes Apple Pay from the Apple user.

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