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Messages Icon Aesthetic 💕: Message app on iPhone with ISO 14, 15 & 16

    Messages are the most important key factor for transferring information between 2 people or many. 

    Nowadays, due to the high range of internet usage, many apps send messages like Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, and many more and now use can set Message Icon Aesthetic on their iPhone. 

    But these apps are effective and useful only when there is an availability of internet. The normal message app is still in usage because it doesn’t need any internet availability. 

    Messages Icon Aesthetic

    Message app in iPhone with ISO 14:

    Apple company every day works hard to provide something new and unique to their customer. Every update in the iPhone and its version update attract many users and convert many android users into iPhone users. 

    In this series iPhone recently launch a new feature for i the users called Message Icon Aesthetic. The message app is quite different on iPhone compared to android phones, and messages act as a home for iMessages in all iPhones, iPad and Mac. 

    There are some new features added to the message in the iPhone because of ISO 14. In this post, you will learn some new features like Message Icon Aesthetic in the message app.

    Availability of new features in message app

    Pinned chats:

    Most of the iPhone users are busy people, and they always stay busy with their work. So people may forget about their important conversation, which may affect them in many ways. ISO 14 has updated the message app where you can pin the conversation of both individual and group, and You can see the pinned conversation on the top of the message app.

    • Message Aesthetic  icon:

    Using the default message icon may get boring for many users, and they need something unique and attractive Message Icon Aesthetic. To make the users more active with iPhone, ISO 14 gave an option to users where they can customize and change the message app icon and they can get Message Icon Aesthetic. 

    A new Message Icon Aesthetic on your home screen makes your iPhone feel different and unique from others. Get aesthetic message icons from various websites. You can get icons in various colours like pink, brown, black and also in glow style. 


    On iPhone, you can have a group conversation in the message app, but it is hard to chat with a particular person in the group conversation. For these, only ISO 14 brings a new feature, which you can mention in group chat. 

    If you want to indicate a particular person, you can mention their name as it is in your contact, and it will appear in blue. This feature helps to avoid unwanted confusion in a group chat. 

    Message Icon Aesthetic
    Message Icon Aesthetic 1

    Message Icon Aesthetic 1
    Message Icon Aesthetic 2

    Message Icon Aesthetic 2
    Message Icon Aesthetic 3

    Message Icon Aesthetic 3
    Message Icon Aesthetic 4

    Message Icon Aesthetic 5
    Message Icon Aesthetic 5

    Bottom line: 

    Apart from the new feature mentioned above, many other features like memoji, inline replies, etc., are used. Enjoy these features in your iPhone message app by having ISO 14 with you. 

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    FAQs about Message Icon Aesthetic

    Q1: Can You Make Custom Message  Icons Aesthetic?

    Yes, you can make custom Message  Aesthetic icons. 

    Q2: Can You Change The Colour Of Your Message  Aesthetic Icon?

    Firstly, you have to open the contract app. Click on the contact options. And click on the Edit options. Now you will be able to edit your Message Icon Aesthetic your iPhone.

    Q3: From Where You Can Get Free Message Aesthetic Icons?

    There are plenty of sites where you can get free Message Aesthetic Icones. Here is the name of seven sites from which you can get free Message aesthetic icons.



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