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How to Choose Web Hosting for Your WordPress Blog

WordPress is one of the best platforms to launch a blog with a vast and varied fanbase. In order to make sure your blog reaches a wide range of audience, it is important to learn WordPress management. But practically not everyone can learn to manage wordpress hosting or some people Just don't have enough spare time to invest on wordpress management.

This is where the service of wordpress hosting comes to the rescue. There are wordpress hosting services available . These Hosting companies are experienced and skilled in managing wordpress blogs and websites, which saves you a lot of time, Money and energy. There're a lot of wordpresshostings available in the market and when it comes to choosing the perfect one for your blog, it sure is a tiring, confusing and overwhelming process.

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Web Hosting for WordPress Blog

In this guide we've explained the major points you need to Make sure of while hiring a hosting service for your blog.

What points should we consider before hiring a hosting service?

Hiring a hosting service is a tiring process and it sure takes time to find a hosting service that caters to your WordPress requirements. Following are some of the main points that you must take into consideration while hiring a hosting service.

1. Performance and search engine optimization

High Speed is always the first priority while surfing the internet. If your website is slow and takes a lot of time to load, People will not prefer to visit your site. Slow servers and slow speed leads to a lot of traffic loss.

When looking for hosting service providers look for the ones which offer High Speed servers. The speed should be below 300ms. A 400-700ms speed is considered average while 200-350 ms speed is considered fast.

Hosting services are skilled in search engine optimization, to cope with sudden changes with traffic or updates.

2. Price

According to your requirements, there are many different budgets available in the market with specific or special offers. Sometimes people purchase overrated plans without doing any research. Doing this does not result in hefty bills, but Also do not serve the purpose.

Therefore it is essential that you purchase after carefully going through the service including in the plan.

Hosting plans price may vary from 100-200$ plans to as far as 4,000$ to 40,000$ . The prices May vary with the type of Services included in the plan and the quality of services.

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3. Targeted wordpress hosting

Targeted WordPress hosting is when they not only provide you Services but Also manage them for you. It helps save time, energy, and resources as everything is available in one single place.

4. Improved security

Nowadays, the web is very unsafe. There are malware, online threats, hacking, and whatnot. Hosting provides you with security from such threats and malware. It's important to make sure your hosting provider keeps your data and the data of your site visitors and subscribers safe. Hosting services make sure that you are protected from such violations.

5. WordPress specific configuration

WordPress configuration has the most important information about the database.

With this feature, all the WordPress configurations are available at the managed host website dashboard.

It also consists of features such as scheduling posts.

6. Expert support

As easy as it seems, WordPress still has some technicalities which take time and energy to learn. Some Hosting services provide expert support for managing your site. Hosting services have experienced, skilled and dedicated professionals to guide you through. 

7. Customer support services

The Internet is not the solution for your every query. You can not just look online and receive Expert advice from shady articles on the internet. Most Hosting services provide 24X7 customer care services 365days.

These customer support services are available through Call, SMS, or chat.

8. Uptime

Uptime is the time a web service is available for a given period.A nice uptime delivers good traffic to the website. When your website is always available, people would prefer it over others. There are hosting services that provide up to 99.99% uptime.

9. Email marketing

Good Hosting service providers help in marketing as they ensure that the site is always updated and the traffic brought does not dissipate.

When you use a good hosting service, it helps increase your uptime and performance compared to other sites, Increasing the traffic. The more your site remains active, the more visitors and marketing it will get. Eventually, your blog will gain more followers.

It's important to hire a Hosting service with good marketing.

10. User-friendly interface

Blog hosting services provide your site with a user-friendly interface and good graphics so that your Blog looks appealing and attracts more attention.

Since the hosting provider manages service, performance, and security, you can add more plugins for extra features.

It also helps in scalability so that in case of sudden changes or heavy traffic, the site won't crash.

11. SSL certificates, backups, and automatic updates

Backups are important for smooth functioning of sites operating systems like WordPress because it stores all the data and helps recover your website in case of a security breach. Most of the hosting service providers deliver backups.

Hosting also provides automated updates and flexibility to upgrade plans. Most hosts provide free and easy installation of SSL certificates which saves time and is hassle-free.WordPress hosting offers automated updates and easy migration.


Is WordPress hosting free?

WordPress hosting is paid. There are different plans available in WordPress hosting with different prices according to their quality and Services included. WordPress hosting plans may cost from 100-200$ to up to 3,000-30,000$.

Is WordPress hosting necessary?

The answer depends upon the time, energy, and knowledge you have about WordPress. If you have enough time and knowledge, you can manage your WordPress by yourself, and if not, you should hire a hosting service.

What are the key points to look for in WordPress hosting?

The hosting should provide High-Speed servers, Higher uptime, management, customer support,there and marketing.

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