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Jailbreaking Your FireStick: How to Get Free TV and Movies Easily and Safely

Two sets of expectations come with the purchase and ownership of any piece of technology: First, that the tech meets whatever needs you bought it for, and second, that it be easy to personalize and adapt to whatever you may need to use it for. The unfortunate reality of today’s tech marketplace is that manufacturers put restrictions on their devices that may undercut consumers’ expectations. 

Ever wanted an app that was only available on the Apple Store, but you own an Android? Or what if you wanted to add channels to your Amazon FireStick that would give you free, streamable TV and film content, but you can’t because Amazon wants you to rent from Prime instead? The reality is that cable is dead and streaming content is the new and more affordable way to watch your favorite TV shows and movies.

Taking control back from these manufacturers can seem impossible, and maybe you’ve already adjusted to a life under these limitations. Maybe you feel as though there’s no legal, safe way to bypass these restrictions and use your tech the way you want when you want. If so, it’s time you learn about jailbreaking. 

Jailbreaking Your FireStick

What is Jailbreaking? Is it Really Legal?

First off, we have to define what jailbreaking is, so we can have a common understanding of the term moving forward. Jailbreaking is the act of rewriting the programming around a certain piece of tech to allow for the integration and use of third-party software, removing restrictions placed by the manufacturer in the process. People jailbreak their devices for a variety of reasons, from playing movies in languages their devices weren’t made to read to accessing apps on their phone that they can’t get in their manufacturer’s marketplace. Done correctly and with the proper guidance, it can expand your device’s capabilities. 

Jailbreaking Your Amazon FireStick

If you own an Amazon FireStick, you’re probably already acquainted with its limitations compared to other set-top boxes. Its only unique feature is a voice-activated search function, and while it will allow for other paid subscription channels to be accessed using its platform, it won’t allow you to voice search any of those channels. Compared to other set-top box systems, it doesn’t provide nearly as many free TV and movie channels, being more bent towards pushing you to rent or purchase from Amazon. It’s meant as an extension of, much like other Amazon services, and so the options you have as a consumer are deliberately limited.

The good news is that the Amazon FireStick is actually one of the easiest devices out there to jailbreak, not requiring the extra software usually needed to jailbreak devices from manufacturers like Apple. In order to jailbreak a FireStick, you’ll just need to change a few security settings on your FireStick. Given the nature of the changes you’ll be making, you’ll need a reliable step-by-step process that shows you how to jailbreak your FireStick safely, which you can find here.

A Couple of Last-Minute Tips

Jailbreaking can be a safe, effective way to maximize your device’s capabilities, but there is certainly a right and wrong way to go about it. Be sure to check your device’s warranty, and be aware that you may be forfeiting it if you jailbreak your device and something goes wrong. Also make sure that your device is protected by other security systems, such as antivirus software or a VPN, to ensure that any security systems that are disabled by your jailbreak are effectively replaced. 

Go into it with a solid idea of the risks involved and backup plans for if things go wrong, and if you choose to jailbreak your device, you’ll reap the benefits without any of the potential costs. And more importantly, you’ll just simply get to enjoy all the great entertainment benefits of jailbreaking your firestick. With this, you’ll now be able to watch your favorite shows and movies at your leisure without any hiccups. 

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