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Four Powerful Ways You Can Keep A Track Of And Monitor Your Kids' Whereabouts

Parental control apps have added a great deal of ease to parents’ lives. More and more parents are relying on them for smart and efficient control over their kids’ digital lives. And why not?

You have to look for smarter ways to fight against the damage technology is causing to your kids. But the effects are not limited to just cell phone usage. There are certain kids involved in doubtful activities inspired by someone on social media or the internet. Not only that, peer pressure makes teens mad after doing even a stupid thing.

Keep A Track Of Your Kids

So, the whole world of your child revolves around undue influences from social media and their peers. In the maximum cases of juvenile delinquency, the first time of the crime was under pressure from friends or just to become a part of a group.

Thus, along with digital controls, you have to take care of child’s physical activities particularly, their whereabouts.

Therefore, I am introducing the most effective location tracking features by an amazing FamilyTime android parental control.

Here is what it empowers you to do.


Yes, you can keep an all-time check on the locations they are moving to. There are countless examples when kids are involved in class bunking, going to ill-reputed places after school, and using studies as an excuse to implement some plans with friends.

The problem is not just that. They use this time for activities that you would not have allowed otherwise. For instance, if want to go cycling, they can ask you and manage time after school. Likewise, if they have to go for a hangout or something, you can approve of that easily. Then what are the activities you would not have allowed them to be a part of? Well, gambling, drinking, unsafe sex, or drugs can be a few of those.

There is a high chance that your child will not be involved in any of these activities but, there is a possibility of the other case too. Also, prevention is always better.


If you were supposed to pick your child from their school, and now they are not present there. What do you do? You do not have to worry if you have a parental control app on your phone. Because it allows you to simply follow their location which is already available there.

Moreover, if you are busy and do not find enough time to keep checking their location every hour, you can check the history of the places they visited at the end of the day or on a weekend. It also allows you to stay a bit flexible when you do not want to feel like a helicopter parent.


When you have counseled your child about not visiting a certain place but still they do, what do you think you should do?

It happens. A child has parental counseling and peer pressure as two contradictory influences. And most of the time, peer influence wins. This is because it has a charm in it. What they do not know are the harms associated with their actions until it is too late.

Geofencing is a solution to many of these problems. All you have to do is add the places that you do not want your child to visit in the geofencing category. Next time, when the child will visit any such place, you will be notified immediately.

So, you do not have to worry about their whereabouts after you drop them off.


These features make some of your parental responsibilities really easy. For example, you do not have to go and wait for your child to get free from school so that you can take them home. FamilyTime has this PickMeUp alert feature that allows your kid to give you a call with just a click. You can go following the location that is automatically shared with it.

Moreover, another safety feature is the panic alert one. It allows your kid to send you an emergency notification if they are in trouble.

Along with these helpful features, FamilyTime has a lot more to help you with. Check out the rest of the details on its website. If you want to download the app directly, visit Play Store or App Store.

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