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5 Effective Digital Marketing Strategies That Actually Work In 2021

Marketing is one of the most important parts of any business. Without it, getting new customers can be challenging, and growing your brand will be much harder than it needs to be. In particular, digital marketing has become more popular as people are spending more time online and in front of screens than ever before.

Digital Marketing Strategies That Actually Work

All in all, there are many digital marketing strategies that can help businesses grow and attract more customers and clients. Unfortunately, not all are created equally. With that in mind, this article is going to go over a few digital marketing strategies that will actually work in 2021 and beyond.


Among the best digital marketing strategies you can take on is search engine optimization (SEO). SEO is all about optimizing and improving your website in ways that help it appear higher in search engine results. The higher your site is in the search engine, the more traffic you will generally get.

For best results, you want to attract more people in your target audience, as this is often the best way to generate more sales. A large majority of people will begin their search for a product online, and being ranked higher than your competition is sure to get you more interest from potential customers.

Video Marketing

While text content is still crucial for marketing, video is also something you shouldn’t deny. People have become much more visual in the last few years and many people will rather watch a video on a topic than read a long article about it.

Video marketing is all about creating videos that can highlight your product and/or service and show customers why it is valuable. However, these videos shouldn’t simply be large ads. You should make sure that the video provides some value and information to your target audience. 

They could be how-to videos, instructional videos, an announcement, a behind-the-scenes look at your company and many others. Video marketing is especially great for brand awareness and can help give a boost to your conversion rate, as well.


Remarketing is a strategy that involves serving ads to people who have been to your site or store beforte, but didn’t make a purchase. It is a tactic used to target people who have already shown an interest in what you have to offer, and can often provide them with that little nudge they need to finally convert for you.

This helps you stay engaged with prospects and works by using cookies to track where they visit and placing your ads on those sites or platforms. It won’t always work, but having a rare second chance to get someone to convert is certainly something for your business  to think about.

Influencer Marketing


Influencer Marketing

A relatively new way to market digitally is to utilize influencers. Influencer marketing is all about working with influencers who will share your product or service with their audience. They can make a social media post, feature you in a video or do a variety of things.

The individuals have a lot of social influence over their audience, and if they promote something, many of their fans and followers will become customers, or at the very least, check it out and consider it.

Of course, be sure to choose an influencer whose fan base is similar to your target market, If you sell workout equipment or a diet supplement, you are better off approaching a fitness influencer than one who is in the beauty industry.

The good news about influencer marketing is that it can work for any business. There are small, medium and large influencers, each with their own costs. Be sure to always track your results and determine your ROI to see which influencer has been the best partnership for you.

Email Marketing

While email marketing isn’t new, it has continued to be one of the best digital marketing strategies and techniques to use. It generates a ton of leads, and is very affordable compared to many of the other methods that exist today. It is good for finding new customers, but is especially helpful when it comes to retaining them.

In order to draw people into subscribing to your email list, and keeping them there, you need to ensure your emails provide value. This could be deals and discounts, a free ebook or simply some helpful stories or tips.

Also, people don’t like their inboxes filled up with spam, so be sure to send these sparingly and don’t spam people. If you do, they will generally unsubscribe or simply ignore your emails.

Any of these digital marketing strategies are sure to be effective for your business in 2021. Don’t hesitate to try a few and see what you prefer and what provides you with the best results.

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