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Where Can You Find Smarter Digital Marketing Resources?

What tools do you typically use to accomplish your digital marketing goals? Can you execute all the activities related to digital marketing by using free tools? The lists of tools on which you rely are often known as digital marketing stack. They encompass a variety of uses and requirements, from social media marketing to content development. 

Digital Marketing Resources

One of the primary reasons you would love the digital marketing environment is the sheer number of innovations. It is always fascinating to experiment with new tools and platforms to attract quality leads. In the wake of the pandemic, it is normal for digital marketers to be apprehensive about the future. 

While it is normal to feel overwhelmed in these uncertain times, it is essential to move your business forward. A digital marketer needs to experiment with new tools to stay ahead of the competition. So with these things in mind, let’s take a look at some of the intelligent digital marketing resources.   


If you want to be a pro at social media scheduling, using Buffer would be your ideal option. Usually, it is a common issue for a majority of digital marketers to schedule social posts properly. With Buffer, you would be able to schedule the posts ahead of time for the social platforms. 

You can even batch the marketing process of social media. What appeals to digital marketers is that Buffer has a free plan. It would allow you to connect a profile from each social network and schedule ten posts for each network. In short, Buffer is one of the best digital marketing resources out there.  

Google Analytics

Well, we all know about Google Analytics and how it helps us to improve the various aspects of websites. Google Analytics can track traffic to your website and also provides you with a tremendous amount of information. 

But as a marketer, you should be clear on how to use Google Analytics. Google Analytics makes it easy to track traffic emanating from various networks and platforms. You can even monitor the total time visitors stayed at your website with Google Analytics. 

Moreover, Google Analytics provides you with real-time information related to who is on your site right now. Simply click on the Real-Time overview to get the desired results.   

Lightricks Beatleap

If you are on the lookout to create engaging social media videos, then don’t look beyond Beatleap from Lightricks. We are well aware of the fact that visual content is essential in social media marketing. With the decreasing attention spans of your users, you have only a few seconds to attract your audiences. 

With Beatleap, you would be able to develop engaging videos. What’s more impressive about Beatleap is the fact that the app would allow you to use audio to create videos. Note that Beatleap relies on AI to provide you with the desired video. The app also has a vast library of songs that can sync with your videos. 


For quite some time now, Hotjar has been one of the go-to options for marketers for the optimization of their websites. On the other hand, if you are on the lookout to observe how exactly your visitors are using your website; Hotjar is a great tool to use. 

With Hotjar, you would be able to see where they click and how far they can scroll. Hotjar provides you with heatmaps, scrollmaps, etc. It is worth mentioning here that Hotjar provides users with options to assess their sales funnel.    


If you want to start blogging, then Medium is the best platform, to begin with. It is a commonly observed fact that many new startups create their blog at Medium as the platform has a built-in audience. 

Moreover, it has networking tools that would help the content spread to various platforms. Recently, Medium has introduced the email newsletter feature where one can automatically contact people who follow you. 


With Finteza, you would be able to recognize your best performing CTAs along with content. When you get the CTAs right, there is a greater chance of maximizing the success of your digital marketing campaigns. 

With the help of Finteza, you can deeply test your CTAs to recognize those which generate the maximum number of conversions. Another great thing about Finteza is that you wouldn’t need extensive technical knowledge to set it up.   

In these challenging times, it is always recommended to go for a variety of digital marketing tools to enhance the efficacy of your campaigns. Consulting a web and mobile development company can be the right option for you if you want to get quality advice. 

They also have in-house digital marketers who would make your campaigns more user-centric. Let’s hope that the resources as mentioned above would exude practicality for you in digital marketing.

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