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Top 3 Android Spy Apps(Hidden, Undetectable & Free)

Android spy applications are all over the internet these days. There are more than a thousand applications for you to choose from.While setting up your own business to develop spy apps might seem daunting, learning How to Start an LLC can make the process more manageable and ensure your hard work is protected legally. However, almost 90% of those applications are not useful and do more damage to the user. That is why we did some research on these applications and found some genuine platforms to help you out.

Android Spy Apps

This article covers 3 different platforms that provide phone tracking services to all its users. These Android spy apps are hidden and undetectable that work silently in the background.

Thus, you won’t need to worry about them finding out about these applications.

Here’s the first solution to help you do remote tracking.

1. Safespy

Safespy is your key to successful phone tracking without getting caught. This undetectable application is designed to help beginners and professionals track someone’s Android device remotely. To make it the most powerful platform, the Safespy application developers added some tools like Keylogger and stealth mode.

The other tools of this Safespy’s solution include location tracker, social media tracker, web history viewer, call logs viewer, and gallery monitor. In simple words, you can track almost every installed application from someone’s smartphone online.

The user interface of this website is quite appreciable. Anyone with no technical knowledge can use the platform by following its quick tips. Also, it has 24/7 customer support ready to help with all your queries. Therefore, if you are a beginner and want to try something new, there’s no better option than this one right here.

What to Expect From Safespy?

If you choose to go with this application, you will find some interesting features and tools. Here is a list of features that you can use on this platform:

Location Tracker: This tool will help you get live updates of someone’s location. After connecting their device with your online account, you can simply get the results with a single click. It can also track the previous locations of the smartphones to find out where the person was, in the last few days.

Social Media Tracker: This tool is indeed one of the most popular things about this platform. As the name suggests, social media tracker helps you access the GB WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat accounts of the targeted device. The best part is that you do not need the login credentials of any of these platforms. 

Browsing History Viewer: If you want to check the history of a web browser from a targeted device, you can use this tool. All you need is to find this tool from your account’s dashboard and click on the Browsing History to get more details. 

Image and Video Monitor: Here is the most interesting tool of this platform. By clicking on this tool, you can check all the images and videos from the targeted smartphone. Additionally, you can keep those files on your online account using its cloud storage. 

2. Minspy


Minspy is the second most popular application in the phone monitoring industry. The applications work just like Safespy and work on providing all the phone monitoring tools to its users. To use this application, you need to install a mini setup on the targeted smartphone.

That is why you won’t even need to touch the device after connecting it to your account. Additionally, the application works without performing a root on the targeted device.

We recommend this platform to all those users who are not much aware of these tools. It is because the application has the trust of more than a million active users. Also, it takes some advanced security measures to protect the data of its customers.

Therefore, you do not need to worry about getting caught in the process.

What to Expect From Minspy?

If you want an alternative to Safespy for some reason, you can always go for the Minspy application. It has many advanced tools to offer. Here are a few exclusive features that you can expect from this platform:

Stealth Mode: This feature works in the background to make your activities undetectable. Apart from phone monitoring tools, it is one of the most important features that you can expect from a phone tracking application.

Affordable Packages: Minspy offers different packages so that its users can choose the most affordable plan. The different plans are based on the number of devices that you can monitor from a single account. The basic membership lets you monitor a single device.

Trust of a Million Users: With the trust of more than a million active users, Minspy is a pretty promising application for new customers. Therefore, you can expect some quality services from this platform. 

3. Spyine

Here is the third and the last application on our list. Spyine is known for its fast speed and reliable tools for phone monitoring work. This application is preferred by the phone trackers to retrieve some kind of information from someone’s smartphone. 

It can track almost every modern smartphone or tablet within a few minutes. When you register on its platform, you will receive an installation guide on your registered email address. You can follow the steps provided in that guide to connect someone’s smartphone with your online account.

More and more people are recognizing it as the fastest phone monitoring solution. The application can complete the phone verification process within a few seconds. It means you do not need to hold someone else’s smartphone for a long time.

What to Expect From Spyine?

When you start this application, you will see that most of its features are advanced, making it easier to track someone’s activities. As far as its security is concerned, you can expect it to protect your data with its advanced security measures.

We recommend this application only if you need a complete Android phone monitoring solution.

Final Words

Your search for an undetectable, hidden, and reliable application ends here. From the above 3 applications, you can choose anyone to track someone’s activities. You will find that each of these applications comes with some unique features to make your phone tracking experience much more reliable.

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