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How to Transfer Net4India Domain? How to get Auth Code?

If you don’t know, NetIndia, the largest ICANN-accredited registrar in India, went bankrupt in September 2020. The situation led to the shutdown of the registrar and ruffled the feathers of the customers. Also, the company announced that it won’t support domain renewal.IN code. However, thanks to NIXI as they stepped in and opened domain transfer.IN codes. This post outlines how you can transfer your Net2India domain code.

Net4India Domain Transfer

Why should you transfer the domain name from Net4India? 

Transfer of domain name refers to changing the registrar. So when you transfer your domain name, only the registrar changes but, the domain name remains the same. Now coming to, why you should transfer your domain name, various instances like the ones that follow may compel you to transfer the domain name.

The registrar managing your business might go out of business, in this case, Net4India.

You may not like the service of your service provider.

Your business needs may outgrow the features offered by the registrar.

In any case, you can transfer your registrar by retaining the domain name of your business.

Steps to transfer the domain name from Net4India

Transferring your domain is not rocket science. With the right steps, the transfer will complete within no time. Make sure, you transfer, the domains before the expiry date. Sometimes, the renewal may not pass through and you have to wait until renewal becomes successful.

In case you see any red flags with the renewal of the domain name, seek the help of customer support. With proper help, you can resolve the renewal issue and proceed with domain name transfer.

Once everything is in the right place, follow the below steps to transfer your domain.

Prepare with the registrar

Before you transfer your domain name to any registrar, prepare with the current registrar as in this case with Net4india.

Unlock your domain first. To unlock the domain, log into the current registrar and uncheck the lock domain checkbox.

Verify your contact information to get verification emails throughout the process.

Obtain the authorization code, transfer key or EPP code (authorization code) from the Net4India. Open the domain you want to transfer and request the EPP code (authorization code) via email.

Start the transfer

Now open the website of the new registrar to which you want to transfer the domain.

In the domain search box, enter the domain name.

Check if your domain is unlocked.

In the field given nearby, enter the authorization code. If the EPP code is correct you will see a green checkmark nearby. If not, confirm your EPP code with the current registrar.

Pay and complete

Once the new registrar accepts the EPP code, your domain transfer is almost complete.

Give continue and go to privacy settings and select the appropriate settings for your domain.

The last step is to pay for the domain to the new registrar and, the transfer is complete.

Though the basic outline of transfer is the same, the steps may differ from registrar to registrar.

Bottom line

For a successful domain transfer, seek the help of a professional and enjoy the benefits of seamless domain transfer.

We hope this article helps you to solve the following queries:

How do I get Auth Code for Net4India domain transfer?

How do I get Auth code from Net4India Network Solutions?

How do I transfer ownership of a Net4India domain network solutions?

How do I transfer a domain name from Net4India Network Solutions?


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