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5 Easy Tips to Improve HR Team's Productivity

Human Resource teams carry out vital functions that contribute to the smooth sailing of a business’ productivity. An HR team will plan, coordinate and mediate the administrative functions of an organization. 

How productive a company’s HR team is, can affect how efficiently tasks such as recruiting, screening and placement of workers is executed. Not to mention, invaluable elements such as training and employee relations, which thrive off of a proactive Human Resource department. 

A motivated team is one that can only boost efficiency of the entire operation. 

1. Training and Learning Opportunities

Improving one one’s skills and learning new things, contributes to their personal growth within their field, as well as their confidence in their ability to be proactive. Especially considering the interpersonal nature of a human resource officer, resources such as career coaches, certifications and training workshops, can further develop their ‘soft skills’ essential to their productivity and effectiveness. 

Improving one's department through training courses in use of tools such as eSign services, which is provided by a platform like CocoSign, which facilitates business processes in continuing to flow quick and  seamlessly. Also, with a tool like this that is simple and easy to use, any team can avoid errors and a lack of efficiency. 

Cocosign e sign document

Additionally, as working online has become more prominent, certain functions of HR have changed, through a newfound heavy reliance on online tools. For example, a HR team having to hire a number of independent contract workers. Utilizing CocoSign to access dependable independent contractor agreements that are simple and easy to customize and have them signed, would be an ordered and smooth process.

2. Your Company Culture Vision

Having the values and identity of a company clearly stated, provides your HR team with the guideline of the work environment they are to maintain and facilitate. This provides the team with direction. Maintaining a strong company culture is one of the core responsibilities of HR. This element highly affects employee retention and satisfaction, as well as the reputation of a company. Improving HR’s productivity can start from reviewing the business’ company culture vision. 

Ideally, a productive HR team will communicate and foster a company’s culture vision through enforcing the values, beliefs, behaviors and experiences that define your company. These factors shape every employee’s experience, and even the experience of external bodies involved with the business. 

3. Utilizing Technology and Analytics

Making use of Human Capital Management systems enables HR teams to monitor payroll, manage tax information, record and review employee information, and log other important data. In order for HR to plan, manage and control their set targets, use of technology for analytics improves decision making. A robust HCM system not only automates these functions for a HR team to bring ease to their work, but also provides a secure portal for information storage, and reserves vital data for future use.

4. Collecting Feedback & Ideas From Your HR Team 

Routine check-in meetings where tasks are reviewed (preferably after a specified amount of time), allows the team to review which areas may need improvement. For example, reviewing how payroll is being administered, scrutinizing how the last screening and recruiting process was executed, roleplay of dispute resolving, reexamining the protocol for disciplinary action, to mention a few areas. 

What may seem repetitive, is infact refining the effectiveness and competency of your HR team, and making each officer intune to their abilities and allowing them to learn from each other. 

5. Setting or Reinforcing the Company’s Strategic Goals

A company’s strategic goals are the financial and non-financial objectives they aim to meet, as well as the distinct results they aim to achieve within a specified period of time. The HR team must be fluent and familiarized with these goals. A productive HR team anticipates necessary workforce changes that may be required to implement an action plan to meet a company’s goals, as well as making budgeting decisions that keep a company on track to meet their strategic objectives. 


A sturdy Human Resources team ensures that employees have the resources, tools and leadership they need to perform at their full potential. Having a skilled department whose main focus is to create a conducive and healthy work environment, can shape the attitudes and relationships that employees have toward their tasks, each other as well as of the company itself. This is not an easy task considering that each employee will have their individual strengths and needs. 

Your HR team will juggle a number of feats such as problem solving, interpersonal communication, enforcing good time management and teamwork, to mention but a few. Taking the extra step to not only motivate but aim at improving HR productivity, is key in constructing and maintaining a strong foundation for a company to achieve their targets. 

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