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RecordCast - Record Your Computer Screen with Audios and Edit It in One Stop

    What is RecordCast?

    RecordCast is a simple online video recording and video editing tool, with no installation required. Although there is a recording time limit, recording can be easily done with a browser without installing the software. So it is possible to record your computer screen with audios and edit it on one-stop regardless of the OS, such as Windows, Mac, Chromebook.

    Features of RecordCast

    • 100% free
    • No need to download software
    • You can capture the area to record
    • The webcam can be specified
    • You can edit the recorded video in one-stop

    How to use RecordCast


    Recording in RecordCast is effortless and easy to use. You can complete it in the following four easy steps.

    1. Enter the app

    Open the website and click on the Start Recording button to enter the recorder. Or you can click on the Try Video Editor button to get into its video editor. 

    2. Setting options

    First, choose a recording mode from the following options:  

    • Screen and webcam
    • Screen only
    • Webcam only

    Then, select an audio option from the following ones: 

    audio option from the following ones

    • Microphone + System audio (Sound of microphone and PC system sound)
    • Microphone only
    • System audio (PC sound system sound)
    • No audio (voice recording)

    Your computer system will ask for permission, such as wants to use your camera. Please allow it.

    If the microphone cannot be found, it will tell you that the Microphone will not be recorded, so check permissions.

    After selecting the audio, click Start Recording. Then you will be asked to check "Share Audio," and a pop-up will open, click the red button "Got it".

    The last option you need to select is the recording area.

    • Entire screen
    • An application window
    • A browser tab (I use Google Chrome)

    The browser name will be the Firefox tab if you are using the Firefox browser. To record an application window, click the Application Window tab to see the applications you are using. If you select the browser tab (Chrome here), the names of the tabs open in the browser will be listed, and you can select one from them.

    3. Start recording


    Start recording

    After selecting the screen mode and the recording audio to record and selecting what to record, click Start Recording. Then the recording will start. You can record up to 30 minutes.

    4. Download or edit the video

    After you have finished recording, click the red stop icon in the middle to end the recording. When the recording is complete, "Download" will be displayed in the lower left, and "Edit and Export in MP4 " will be displayed in the lower right. Select "Download" if you want to download as it is, or select "Edit and Export in MP4" if you want to insert a cover or edit a cut.

    When editing a video

    When editing a video

    When it comes to RecordCast video editor, you can do any editing. You can insert captions from Text. You can put it on top of the video as a layer, so you have a lot of freedom. You can add background colors, different elements, overlays, etc. RecordCast offers more than a million elements under its database, which you can search one with a specific keyword and get one to your liking. 

    After editing the video, click "Export Vide " in the upper right, and you will be asked to "Sign Up" Sign up with Facebook or Google, or enter your email address and password. Select the video resolution to export. If you want high video quality, choose 1080p.


    Although there is a limit of 30 minutes, I think it is enough if you want to make a tutorial easily. RecordCast records via the web, so I think it's a good place to record your local work. If you are going to capture something important, it is very practical. If you want to record online distribution with multiple functions, we also recommend using this dedicated software.

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