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Best Android Game Development Software

The gaming world is changing quickly. Remember those days when you used to play high-end games only on your PC or Console, or PSP? But now, you can enjoy 3D games or even PC-like graphic games on your smartphones. Mobile gaming is becoming a huge thing in these games. Many game lovers are using mobile to play games. Some of the most popular mobile games, for now, are PUBG, CODM, Candy Crush, and the names don’t end. Everyone likes to play games. It helps to kill your time of boredom or if you want to enjoy playing games mobiles are the first choice. Even the most straightforward game like poker is also the most played game in the world. Poker solutions are developing the most innovative poker games and software. There are so many games for mobile users that you can play and enjoy. But for developing tall, these game developers need a game development app. 

Android Game Development Software

Many popular games developing apps help the developer to create all these popular games on mobile. And we list some of the best that have been the best and preferred choice of developers, here are the Best Android Game Development Software:

1. Unity Game Engine

This is on our top list when it comes to developing games, as unity is the best game developing engine used by every developer. It allows them to create cross-platform games. The game developer imports 3D game assets into the game engines that supports all the platforms like Android, IOS and Windows. Games like Among Us, Pokémon Go, Temple Run, and many more are developed using unity game engines. Unity game engine is available for both free and paid versions.  

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2. Unreal Engine

If you are a beginner and want to know how you can develop an Android game, then the Unreal game engine is the best for you. You can create a game without any professional development or programming knowledge. You can develop some good 3D games using this engine as it contains some additional features which let you set a game quickly. You can also test your game once you are done, and it is also user-friendly. Of Course, you can develop games on every platform using Unreal Engine. Some of the best games developed using Unreal Engine are Blade & Soul, Mortal Kombat, and Fortnight.  

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3. Marmalade SDK

It is one of the best game developing software for mobile and even for desktop. You need to know C++ as this software uses the C++ programming language. It allows you to create both 2D and 3D games. It comes with free libraries and tools which you can use while developing a game. Some of the developed games are Cut the rope, Need for Speed, and more.  

4. App-game Kit

This game developing tool is helpful for both an expert game developer or even for beginners. You can create 2D and 3D games using this app as it also comes with cross-platform features that let you develop games for Android, IOS, Windows platforms. It is a user-friendly app and uses the same programming language like C++. So, if you know C++, then you can develop games using this tool.  

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5. Construct 2

This is considered one of the most straightforward Android game developing tools as you don’t need to know any coding for developing a game using Construct 2. It is an HTML5 platform used to create 2D games for Android and other platforms like IOS and Windows. You can set a game in less time as you don’t need to know any coding, and it uses many in-built features that you can use while developing your game. 

6. Amazon Lumberyard

Amazon creates Amazon Lumberyard as a game developing engine. You can use all the free tools available to develop your game. It supports a cross-platform feature so you can launch a game on a different platform at once. This game developer supports every platform like IOS, Windows, Android, PlayStation, and X box. You can create high graphic games using Lumberyard’s Twitch Integration. You can get this game developing a tool for free.  

7. Cocos2D-X

This game developing tool allows you to create 2D games released by Facebook. The best feature of this game developing tool is creating games of tiny size, like under 2MB. It has a large community with proper documentation that helps you to develop a game quickly. It supports all the platforms, including IOS, Android, and Linux. This tool is available for free. Some of the games developed using this tool are Angry birds, brave frontier. 

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Do you also want to develop an Android game? You can choose any game-growing engine that is best for you. If you are a beginner, don’t worry. There are lots of game developing tools that are for beginners. You can even take support from the big community of game developers. Mobile game development for Android is growing every year as people want to enjoy more high-end games. People even enjoy playing poker games, and the Poker Solution is easy to use the app for beginners. Android game development is booming, but if you want to develop an Android game, you need to know what kind of games you want to build and your budget. Choose the most reliable game development app for you. Android game development will grow its market even more in the coming future as game enthusiasts are waiting for new games every year.  

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