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Facebook Page Verification

What Is Facebook Page Verification?

While surfing on Facebook, you've most likely seen a blue or once in a while dark confirmed checkmark on the Facebook Page of a large number of your preferred brands and organizations, and thought about how to get this on your business account. It bodes well that most organizations need to acquire Facebook confirmation for themselves. Getting blue or gray tick in your pages gives your business instant credibility and authenticity and also enhance your ranking on Facebook. Also, it guarantees the audience that they are interacting with a real organization.

Facebook Page Verification

In this post, we're going to see how to make your Facebook Page verified, and everything that the confirmation procedure involves.

But before moving on verification steps let’s know what is the difference between blue and gray badge?

Blue Batches

If you have gained a blue badge on a Page or profile, it means that Facebook confirmed that this is the authentic Page for this public figure or brand. Blue identifications are eventually utilized as a high sign for guaranteeing the Page will be generally welcomed on their foundation and stand apart from conceivably comparative however inauthentic Pages. 

 Some categories for receiving blue badges:
  • Select celebrities, journalists, musicians, athletes, etc.
  • Choose brands or businesses
  • Branded companies
  • Sports/Media companies
  • Government officials

Gray Batches

If you see a gray tick on a Page, it means that Facebook assured that this is an authentic Page for this business. Gray badges are commonly used by companies, large retailers, and local businesses. Now, let’s move forward and know how to get a Blue batch on Facebook Page.

Conditions to apply for a badge-

  • Your account must be active, updated, and up to date with the brand post, accurate and precise content.
  • Must have an about section, profile photo, posts, address with relevant and exact details. 
  • Your account must be of a registered business or real person.
  • Also your Facebook page should have a link that will be linking to your official business websites.
  • You should have at least some followers, before opting for verification.

Steps To get a Blue batch-

  • For blue badge verification, fill out a form for a blue badge under Facebook Help Centre.

step to get blue batch

  • Click on "Page" as the verification type and then select your Facebook Page from the drop-down.

  • Next select your country.

  • After that attach your business-related documents like business phone, certificate of formation, articles of incorporation, tax-related, and many more.

  • Verification process may take 48 hr- 45 days.

  • Please make sure before applying for the blue badge that your profile is updated, you have a profile photo, cover photo, with essential details like address, contact number, website link.

Steps To get a Gray batch-

  • Click on pages and select your page.
  • After that click on setting, and next select general settings.

Step to get Gray Batch

  • Click on Page Verification and then click verify this page.

  • Enter country, language, and phone number.

  • For verifying Facebook gives you 2 options. First, one to verify the page with official documents or select call me now option and Facebook will give you a call and tell you the 4-digit code that you need to enter. Then, click Continue.

FB Verification Option

FB Verification Option 2

  • It takes 2-4 days to get verified.

  • If the verification option is not visible in your settings, it means that you still do not meet the verification requirements for your Facebook Page. But if you regularly update fresh content, engage your audience, establish public relations and build a brand than Facebook will give you the option to verify your page.

Reasons For Rejection-

  • Data provided by you is an incorrect or spelling error.
  • Documents submitted by you are incorrect or not acceptable.
  • Documents are not visible or has been expired.
  • Your email domain and web address should match also website content should include your company's name or logo.
  • Your page post is not according to your niche and business category.
  • You can also apply for re-verification after 30 days.


In today’s world, every business put a ton of work and extra effort into making their online and social presence as strong as they possibly can and getting your Page verified by Facebook. It helps strengthen your social presence and credibility. Also verified pages are easy to rank and boost online presence also. It shows that you’ve taken the extra step, and ensures that your customers will know they’re at the right Page for the business. Getting your Page verified just takes a few easy steps, so step forward towards to your Page now and get Verified!

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