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Office 365 Cloud – The Next Generation Emailing Solution for Outlook users

Microsoft Office is one of the world's most successful software suites and is used by 1.5 billion people across the world. Here, we are explaining all about the Office 365 Cloud, and how it can become our next generation best platform for Outlook users. 

There is a risk of data loss when working with Outlook and users are afraid of data loss. The data loss may occur due to many cases like:

Outlook PST File Corruption:

Let's consider a case where a PST file of Outlook contains the most important data including bank account information. Suddenly, it gets corrupted due to some malicious attacks. This time, what do you think? Is it safe to stay on this platform? We are advising you the best way, you can go with another platform or an email client like Office 365 which will help you in your next generation. 

Outlook PST File Corruption
A better option is to switch Outlook emails to Office 365. Office 365 is the cloud-based service that offers complete access to the PST files concerned, without any restrictions linked with it.

Office 365-A Cloud Service:

Office 365 launched in 2001 as a Cloud-based, and Microsoft productivity suite. It includes a number of applications like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote. It is a subscription-based package also, that consists of so many other applications like Publisher, Planner, OneDrive, Exchange, SharePoint, Access, Skype, Yammer, and Microsoft Teams.

Office 365-A Cloud Service

Several unique services are available when purchasing Office 365, including personal-use models, multi-user families, students, companies, nonprofits, and academic facilities.

Online- and mobile-only variants of Office, known as Office Online, are also available via which people can view feature-limited versions of Office apps for free.

Now, let's check out the reasons for moving PST into Office 365 as follows

Reasons to Import PST into Office 365:

● It's easy to escape the costs of running and handling email clients like MS Outlook.

● Office 365 is widely accessible.

● It decreases the risk of data breaches as Office 365 is safe and secure.

You can use Office 365 for your businesses purposes as shown below:

How Office 365 helps in Businesses?

● For three decades, Microsoft Office has been delivering productivity resources to computer users and today more than a billion people worldwide use Office products. Nevertheless, for businesses Office provides much more than text analysis and editing of spreadsheets. 

● While its authoritative core apps still provide businesses with the basic tools they really have to daily activities such as managing data, creating documents, and communicating information, Office has grown into a vast array of smart options that make organizations be more successful and efficient. And with plenty of tailor-made program solutions available, businesses of all sizes and situations can easily access those resources.

● Services like Outlook can provide a strong forum whereby companies can create brand awareness and market their products and services. The comprehensive calendar features of Outlook can also help companies communicate more efficiently and control their resources.

● Through Office 365, all applications and services are linked, both to each other and to the leading theories, encouraging collaboration, saving workers time, and attempting to work together efficiently through resources such as team chat, online meetings, co-authorship and file sharing, and group emails.

Now, let's look at how Office 365 helps your business in increasing productivity.

How Office 365 helps in growing Business Productivity?

Powerful tools for efficiency help to make everyone in a company more efficient, connect more efficiently and do more. The Office 365 suite tends to make it easier and quicker to particular event tasks such as finding information, sharing knowledge, communicating with colleagues, analyzing information and planning and implementing, and reducing the amount of time invested in administrative tasks.

Applications finally introduced to Office 365 are furnishing business users with even more critical tools to help them grow business productivity as follows:

● First is the Microsoft Listing tool that helps businesses to handle their data on social sites like Facebook, Google, Bing, and Yelp

● A Microsoft Invoicing application used to provide and send professional invoices to customers and receives payments on the go

● An Outlook Customer Manager add-on which is an easy and intelligent customer management add-on used for businesses for those users who don’t require a full-blown CRM system

● Microsoft Bookings that enables users to handle customer appointments and schedules

● MileIQ, a logging site for mileages that instantly categorizes and assigns business travel

● Business Center, a single point of access for all Office 365 business applications, where users can monitor metrics such as outstanding bills, email subscriptions, and bookings

The use of cloud-hosted major platforms can also have a beneficial impact on the profitability of a company. All seem to be subscription-based services usually somewhat cost-effective, and much more versatile as business changes occur, Office 365 needs no investment in hardware.

With the Office 365 cloud-based services, is it important to take backup? Yes, why not, some reasons are given below that shows why it is necessary.

Reasons for Office 365 Backup:

1. Internal security risks: Several businesses are facing malicious attacks and they occur more frequently than you assume. Getting a high-quality recovery solution mitigates the possibility of failure or degradation of sensitive data.

2. Unintentional deletion: This deletion is distributed around the network whenever you remove a user, whether you plan to or not. A backup can recover the user to either Exchange or Office 365 on-premises.

3. External security risks: In just the last year alone, malware and viruses have caused considerable harm to firms worldwide.

4. Retention Policy inconsistencies: Continuity plans for Office 365 are difficult to adhere to, let alone to handle. A backup taking long retention, more available, all secured, and stored in one location. Before an assault, a backup could easily retrieve mailboxes to an instance.

As there are a lot of reasons for Office 365 backup, then it must be useful for you to take instant backup. To make your work easier, you can go with the third-party Office 365 Backup utility which is a good solution to save your data from any accidental deletion, internal threats, or any external threats. 


In this technical guide, we provide all the benefits of Office 365 for Outlook users and why you can go with it for your business productivity. Also, covered why you need to take a backup of Office 365. I hope, you will find this write-up and think about Office 365. 

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