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Top 7 Apps To Customize Your Android Device According To Your Taste

Having a smartphone in 2020 is a very usual thing. The world today runs with constant competition, every company trying to compete for another and similarly, all the people trying to get ahead of another. The phase we see today works happens to be a technology war, where people are constantly fighting with the technology to enhance it in every way. Similarly, many people are dedicatedly finding new ways to improvise their Android devices according to their needs and taste.

However, improvising the device does not refer to the features or options it might have. Improvisation here refers to the customization of the device in terms of the theme, colours, applications, files managers, video and audio players, keyboards, emoji, and the camera or sound enhancer apps. There are many ways through which, you can customize your device if you do not like the device’s built-in features or options. These apps also allow you to enhance the features that already exist in your device like boosting the sound of the device or enhance the magnifying power of the camera, etc.

Many developers are constantly working to create an app like the one they have never created before, to customize the android devices completely. There are already various apps, which work individually for individual options. However, the struggle now is to create one that comprises all the options to enhance or change the features of the device completely.   

Device improvisation or customization is not necessary. However, there are many people out there, who look out for more customized options in their phones to make it look according to their personalities. Like if a girl who likes the color pink, often wants everything in pink, the keyboard, the theme, the text, the wallpapers, in short everything. Similarly, if a boy likes the color black, he might want to turn everything in his device into black or might want to put it to the dark mode.

For those who also want to customize their android devices according to their preference and taste, here is a list of apps, which can help with various customizations:

List Of Top 7 Customization Apps

1. SwiftKey

Is a commonly used custom keyboard. It is known as one of the best keyboards for Android devices. It comprises decent features, gesture typing options, extensive themes and various unique features that a regular device’s keyboard does not usually have. It gives you an edge and allows you to express yourself openly with the ease of use with multiple features. It is very easily accessible and free of cost. People widely use this keyboard app for ultimate user experience with its advanced features.

2. Zedge

It is known to be one of the most popular customization apps that come with thousands of wallpapers, themes, tones, alarm tones, ring tones, songs, sound effects, and much more. Zedge also allows the users to upload their valuable content for the millions of users. It is available in app form and the website. People can easily install the app and get all their favorite content downloaded in their phones for instant use. Moreover, all of its amazing features come for zero price. 

3. Gboard
Gboard, also known as the Google keyboard is just another type of keyboard app. It allows the user to install the Gboard app to create a custom keyboard in their android device. It features multiple texts fonts, emoji, stickers and various typing options for the users. Gboard is a simple format keyboard with simple and easy to use random features and allows the users to install the app without any charges.

4. Navbar Apps

Navbar is a customization app that fills colors to your device. By using this app, you can easily change the colors, style and theme of your navigation bars. It comes with multiple themes. It allows the change of navigation bar for every app that you may have in your phone. It supports almost all devices other than the Huawei ones and it does not work on google chrome.

5. Synergy

It is a theming framework for android devices. It helps to change the theme of your android device is quite a complex kind of software and can provide the best user experience to the people. You may find a variety of themes in the google play store that is supported by this framework. This kind of framework works with the roots. It works best with Samsung devices and comes with a cost. However, the price may vary according to the type or version.  

6. Tasker

It is known to be the most powerful app in google play store. Experts often say that it is capable of doing almost anything to everything. However, it is not an easy app to be used by a beginner. It is used to perform various tasks and is capable of performing automated tasks; create various new actions in the device and much more. This app does not come free but 2.99$, which is very reasonable for the options it provides for the users.

7. Assistive touch

An app, which allows you to use an additional tool. It provides you with extra and free of buttons control for your android device. It is a built-in feature for the iPhone; however, android does not have it. Therefore, people often prefer to use this app to navigate through the device and the apps without using the device’s navigational buttons. 

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