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How Important is the Logo for the Company?

    A logo is a symbol of a company or product. The logo can also be concluded as a symbol that explains the identity of the company itself. Because in general, a logo design is representative of a companyA logo was created as an identity so that it is unique and easily distinguished from other companies. Well, in good logo design, it will insert the company's philosophy, vision, and mission. Although it looks simple, the logo plays an important role in the company, you know. Logos can also help companies in promotion and branding.

    Why? Because the main purpose of branding is to introduce a business, so the logo will make consumers remember your business.   So do not be surprised if the logo will be made in such a way as to make it look unique and beautiful, and different from other companies.

    Logo Design

    Many companies use agency services in making logos. Well, one of them is Passion Design. Passion Design provides logo design services at low cost, affordable, and good quality. Passion Design itself is an agency that has served more than 700 projects in 4 years. Our main goal is to help companies or SMEs who want to give a graphic design touch within your brand or company. In making a logo, we also pay attention to all aspects needed in the logo, such as the relationship of corporate philosophy in creating a logo.

    Not only logos, but you can also help you with website problems, social media, business cards, etc. So, what are you waiting for!

    Types of logos

    There are several types in making logos. You can choose it based on compatibility with your company's brand.

    Types such as:

    👉 1. Lettermark (Monogram Logo)

    This type of logo is a logo that uses text in its logo. Typically, text can be abbreviations that consist of only one to three letters. Besides consisting of letters, this logo is also usually added to the form or supporting image so that it makes it more beautiful. This type is used by several companies such as HBO, CNN, and HP.

    👉 2. Wordmark

    This type of logo is almost similar to the type of letter mark. The difference is that wordmark only uses company name text without adding symbol ornaments, images, etc. Usually, this type of logo likes to play text types and colors. Well, because this logo focuses on writing, so you have to make sure that the fonts you use are suitable and clearly readable, yes. Examples such as Disney, Coca Cola, and FedEx

    👉 3. Pictorial Mark or Symbols

    Basically, this type of logo uses images/symbols without any use of text. But there are times when the name of the company is also added in the text as explanatory. Well, high creativity is needed to make this logo. Because, this logo will continue to be attached to your business brand, so the decision to make this logo must be carefully considered. Examples such as Twitter, Apple, and Nike.

    👉 4. Abstract

    As the name suggests, this type of logo uses an abstract form as the main logo and adds text as support. Well, even though it is abstract, it is not haphazard in making this logo. The abstract form used certainly has its own philosophical meanings. Examples of brands that use this logo are Adidas and Pepsi.

    👉 5. Mascot / Character

    As the name implies, this type of logo uses a mascot/character as its main element. Generally, this logo contains cheerful, colorful elements. A company will choose one character that describes the business brandExamples include KFC, Hoka Hoka Bento, or Kool-Aid Man

    👉 6. Symbol

    This type of logo uses a picture or full text inside. Usually, this logo is used by organizations or clubs, but many companies also use this type.

    The function of the logo for the company

    Well, the logo itself also has many functions for the company, you know. So it's not surprising that the logo is considered important.

    Some functions such as:

    • Make a brand more attractive
    • Easily known to the public
    • Distinguish from other products
    • As a means of promotion.

    Use the best logo maker to make a logo

    ✔️ DesignEvo - Logo Maker

    DesignEvo is an easy and fast application that allows you to create attractive logos. This application made by Pearl Mountain Technology is equipped with more than 10000 customizable logo templates, over 100 fonts , various graphics and editing tools. All of its features will help you create your own logo in minutes, even if you have no design experience.

    To create an attractive logo using DesignEvo, adjust the font size , color, distance, alignment, uppercase, curved effect, and others to create a unique typography. The completed logo can be downloaded for free and saved in JPG, PNG, or transparent PNG format.

    ✔️ LogoDesign.Net

    For high-end professional company logo designs, LogoDesign.Net is a great tool to try. With an extensive logo templates collection to choose from, you are guaranteed an impeccable logo design at almost no cost. This logo design tool is perfect for small-scale firms and startups, with thousands of unique and customizable premade logo templates and a rich customization studio. The user-friendly interface makes it easy for anyone to create a stunning logo design in mere minutes. Each design is unique, hand-made, and chosen by professionals.

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