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Sorry, the page you were looking for in this blog does not exist. Back Home : youtuber carryminati appointed as winzo brand ambassador


    The independent content creator Ajey Nagar, also known as Carryminati, has been appointed as a brand ambassador by WinZO, an interactive entertainment platform. Through this strategic alliance, the interactive social gaming start-up hopes to capitalize on its strong position within the Indian gaming community. The gaming company said that as part of the agreement, 22-year-old artist, YouTuber, streamer, and gamer Carryminati will create interactive, distinctive, and relatable gaming-centric content. Below, you can see the detailed information regarding this news:

    Carry Minati

    The rise of Carryminati

    Ajey Nagar, often known as Carryminati, is an Indian cultural celebrity who has made a name outside of YouTube. Due to his clever analysis, humorous skits, and captivating content, CarryMinati has accumulated millions of devoted fans. His impact may be found on several social media sites, including YouTube and traditional media channels. Carryminati has become well-known for his distinctive fusion of humor and genuineness, particularly with younger audiences.

    Carryminati, whose unique comedic skits and roasting videos have amassed a vast cumulative fan base of over 50 million, will enhance WinZO's reach among 75 million users and its diverse offers across over six platforms in twelve vernacular languages. He has an unmatched knack for roasting and live gaming, and he continues to succeed in his quest to become the most subscribed YouTuber in Asia and India.


    Due to rising internet accessibility and extensive smartphone usage, the mobile gaming business has grown exponentially in recent years. WinZO has become a major player in this expanding market by providing a wide selection of skill-based games and alluring incentives. The platform's simple layout and captivating gameplay have attracted a devoted user base, which has aided in its quick rise to prominence in the Indian gaming industry.

    Saumya Singh Rathore, Co-Founder of WinZO, added that CarryMinati is leading the way in the development of a 360-degree gaming ecosystem, which has been facilitated by the introduction of live broadcasting and community involvement. The team is glad to have him on board.

    The perfect partnership

    Co-founder of WinZO Saumya Singh Rathore continued, Gaming is rapidly evolving and is not limited to just playing anymore. Carryminati has been leading the way in developing a 360-degree gaming ecosystem, which the introduction of live broadcasting and community involvement has facilitated. Having him on board makes them happy. Together, they want to realize their goal of spreading the spirit of winning and culturally appropriate content throughout India.

    The impact of the partnership

    If CarryMinati is named the WinZO brand ambassador, there will undoubtedly be big consequences. This collaboration would boost WinZO's marketing initiatives and strengthen CarryMinati's position as cultural influences. Carryminati and WinZO may achieve even greater success and reach new markets and demographics through joint marketing initiatives, unique content, and engaging interactions.

    The brand is excited to capitalize on this incredible partnership, as it shows the untapped potential of the social gaming community. India is the largest market for mobile games, accounting for almost 40% of global downloads.

    Wrapping it up:

    The excitement surrounding Carryminati's selection as the WinZO brand ambassador says a lot about the effectiveness of influencer marketing and how digital collaborations are changing. Fans may continue to enjoy Carryminati's material and browse WinZO's offerings in the meantime, knowing that a potentially ground-breaking partnership is approaching.

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