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Microsoft Copilot improvements for Windows 11

Microsoft is coming up with a new update for Windows 11, adding more built-in features and a lot of improvements. Now Copilot will have more control over your PC. There will be a new Generative Erase option for Photos. Also, there will be Voice Shortcuts for better accessibility as part of the update. There are various other improvements such as Snap layouts, updated Widgets and so much more. 

Microsoft Copilot

While Microsoft has already launched the updated version of Windows 11, but all its features are not available just yet. But no need to worry because it will be available by the end of march this year. The new features will include skills like asking AI chatbot to turn on battery saver mode, or to improve accessibility with Narrator or Magnifier feature. Copilot in Windows 11 will show Wi-Fi networks, can empty your recycling bin and also show available storage spaces. 

The Generative Erase feature can remove or eliminate any unwanted objects from your images. All you need to do is select the object you want to erase from the picture and then simply delete it. This feature is quite similar to the AI selective photo eraser feature available on Google and Samsung devices. Copilot’s Clipchamp feature can remove or erase unwanted clippings or awkward silences from a video recording. 

The Snap feature of Windows 11 offers resizing app windows. Snap feature will recognize which apps are snapped frequently and thereby suggest layouts. With the Windows 11 Ink support feature now you can write directly on apps like Paint, Photos, Whatsapp etc. 

The built in casting trait has also advanced with Windows 11’s latest update. Now customers can get notifications with suggestions during multitasking, also Cast will help you find the nearby displays as well as solve any connectivity related issues. 

The newest update includes smooth sharing of Windows contents with other devices. Users can easily share content to and from other devices, thanks to its Nearby Share feature. Now sharing content has become easier and faster with this feature, especially if you are sharing content with people having the same network. 

Windows 11 update brings in the Phone Link feature. This Phone Link feature offers better accessibility to recent photos. Users can enjoy using their phones as a webcam during video conferences with the Phone Link system. Anyone whose having an Android 9 or higher or a Windows app 1.24012 version or higher can enjoy Phone Link feature. Just go to the settings option on your Bluetooth or mobile phone, then select the manage devices option, and get access to android phone with your PC.

All these updates have been made to improve overall accessibility. The Voice Shortcuts feature, for example, gives you the luxury of using voice commands with which you can make the system perform the tasks for you. With this feature you can command the system to do any tasks such as opening a URL for you. Leverage this facility to get your work done faster and hassle-free. 

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