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Top 3 Best Passive Real Estate Investing Ideas in Portugal


    Real estate is one of the most lucrative businesses worldwide, and investing in this industry in Portugal is one of the best decisions you can make as a foreigner or resident. Though Portugal is famous for its port wine, politics, foods, Cristiano Ronaldo, and music, it can also boast of being one of the best countries with numerous investing opportunities. Investing in real estate needs some income; considering all the money opportunities it offers, it's worth it.

    Real Estate Investment

    Though there are various money-making opportunities in Portugal, real estate stands out as one that offers the best returns. Its tax incentive schemes, climate, and quality of life have made seeking Portuguese residency worth it. Portugal receives thousands of visitors and tourists yearly, thus increasing the real estate demand. 

    What you need to venture into this business is a decent amount of capital to start things out. And if you understand what it entails, you're assured of making money even as a beginner. In this article, you'll learn everything about real estate investing in Portugal. 

    What Is Passive Real Estate Investing?

    Passive real estate investing means earning from real estate holdings without being directly involved with managing. Most property owners outsource their property management responsibilities to a professional company. But, there are still passive income strategies such as REITs, crowdfunding, and more (discussed below) to explore.

    So, what is the purpose of passive real estate investing ? The goal is to reap more from potential property appreciation and steady cash flow without spending much time on it. Real estate needs some upfront work, but you can still turn your investment into a full or semi-passive income strategy.

    How to Earn From Passive Real Estate Investing in Portugal

    You can use various methods to expand your real estate investment portfolio. Some of these methods need some upfront work and more capital than others. You can earn in real estate using the following strategies: 

    → • Real Estate Crowdfunding 

    This strategy is one of the simplest ways to begin passive real estate investing, especially if you're low on cash. Crowdfunding allows investors to easily buy income-generating properties through a shared pool of capital. Ideally, the platform pools money from investors (it could be anywhere between $1,000 and $5,000 )along with the crowd (other investors).

    Any investments you make can work as hard money loans for those seeking financing or purchasing more income-generating properties. Technically, it means you can own property even with bad credit. As a shareholder, you'll earn cash allocations when the property price appreciates, from rental income or an eventual sale. Remember, crowdfunding is fully a passive investment. 

    → • Work With a Property Manager 

    Another passive real estate investing strategy is having a property manager run your business. If you've enough funds, you can be a landlord and buy single or multi-family homes; then, you can outsource management to a property manager. You can find them in local or private property management companies.

    The advantage of this strategy is you'll own equity in the properties without managing them directly. All you have to do is pay a property manager to run your business. Some of these property management companies charge a monthly fee of 10% of the rent collected. They can also charge you a fee if your tenants renew their lease, find new tenants, and if they have to pay maintenance fees.

    They can get expensive. So, you have to understand your profit margin, property cash flow, and how much you can invest in the property management company. If your math adds up, you will be able to earn income from your real estate investment.  

    → • Run Airbnbs 

    Airbnbs are a very lucrative option in Portugal, considering how many visitors and tourists visit the country. It's the most affordable alternative to resorts and hotels. If you already own properties, no money is involved; just list your properties on vacation rental platforms. You can rent a part or a whole of it for a short period. Many investors are minting money from this passive income strategy. All you have to do is work with a rental manager, make your properties attractive, and ensure they meet market standards. Making sure it stands out among the competition can make travelers and tourists flock in. 

    The advantage of Airbnb is that managing listings and communication with renters is simple through their app. Interestingly, renters can easily access the home using a keypad or lockbox. You don't always have to be there to unlock it. Then, you can clean it once the renter leaves, ready for the next guest.

    Final Thoughts

    Generally, there are various ways to generate passive income through real estate investments. The three methods mentioned here are the best money-making opportunities in Portugal right now. Whether through crowdfunding or working alongside property managers, be sure to go for a business model that works best for you. Knowing how to earn passively with the strategies outlined in this article will empower you and other investors in this wonderful country.

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