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Instagram Notes Ideas - Ready-To-Use Instagram Notes Ideas 2023


    Instagram Notes can be a helpful way to express oneself or get public opinion. On December 13, 2022, the Instagram Notes upgrade was released, apart from some knowledgeable users, most users are unaware of all of its features. So if you want to learn about this feature, you will get assistance here to submit your first note or to use the Notes feature to its fullest. 

    Instagram notes ideas

    What are Instagram Notes?

    You can find Instagram Notes on top of your friends and follower's inboxes which are brief messages or postings. People who follow you or people on your list of Close Friends can access your Notes. In other people's inboxes the Notes is shown as a bubble above your icon or profile photo. These Notes have a character limit of 60 or less and can include text and/or emojis. 

    How do you use Instagram Notes? 

    • Open your Instagram 

    • In the DM, you will see the Notes feature.

    • Tap 'your note.'

    • Summarize your ideas in 60 characters.

    • There are two ways for you to share the note.

    • Share with people who follow you back, or Share with your close friends

    • The task will be done after choosing the option

    Best Notes Ideas for Instagram

    Spooky season is here!

    Ask me anything

    Work hard, play harder!

    Let me distract you.

    Don't stop believing

    Share a gibberish

    Sun's out, tongues out!

    Adventure awaits!

    Book worm life!

    History is made by rule breakers

    Live a good story

    Be spiritually active

    Be anything but predictable.

    Smile, it confuses people.

    Collect moments, not things

    You are my sunshineee

    Great things take time…

    Don't stop believing

    Ketchup is gross

    Cool Instagram Notes ideas

    Everyday everywhere.

    And we're back.

    Son of a Beach 


    Sunny side up.

    Lights. Camera. Instagram.

    The stories are true

    Music on Worries off 

    Sunday workout 

    Kneel down to nature…

    Seas the day

    Never back down.

    Keep it classic, yet modern.

    Funny Instagram Notes Ideas

    In a silly, goofy mood.

    Eye roll

    Don't lose faith.

    Constantly on the go.

    Let me entertain you.

    Lost in my own musings.

    Don't simply survive, thrive.

    How may I assist you?

    Instagram Notes Idea for Couples

    Together is always better.

    You are my forever.

    My heart beats for you.

    I'm yours, forever and always.

    Two hearts beating as one.

    My forever Valentine.

    You complete me.

    We're better together.

    I love doing life with you.

    I choose you, every single day.

    You are my forever and always.

    Quotes for Instagram Notes

    Dream big.

    Keep moving forward.

    Hakuna Matata.

    Take chances.

    Love yourself.

    Keep on dreaming.

    Let it be.

    Never stop exploring.

    Stay curious.

    Choose happiness.

    Questions to ask in Instagram Notes

    Do you like me?

    What's the best color?

    Do you play video games?

    What kind of sport do you like? 

    What was your dream job as a kid?

    Tell me about your perfect weekend.

    Who inspires you?

    Do you have any questions for me?

    Can you describe yourself in one word?

    How do you spend your free time?

    Do you have pets?

    What's your best joke?

    What's your superpower?

    What will you never do?

    Final thoughts

    The Instagram Notes tool is excellent for expressing your ideas. Notes will be visible for 24 hours, and after that, you can add a new one. One of the important differences between Instagram Notes and Instagram Stories is that with Notes, you can only upload one note at a time, but with Stories, you can submit many stories.

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