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Write Like You Talk (ish): Why Conversational Content Writing Converts


    Hello you lovely lot. Would you like to learn how to improve your writing and increase the number of conversions you get through your content creation? If so, you’ll be pleased to learn that it’s actually a lot simpler than you might think!

    Conversational Content Writing

    In this article, we’re going to talk about conversational writing. Is it really all that? Can it help you improve the quality of your content? And when is it most appropriate?

    Hang about and I’ll tell you everything you need to know.


    What is conversational writing?

    A conversational style of writing is quite simply speaking to your reader as though you’re having a one to one conversation with them.

    It’s all about creating an element of intimacy and using a style of language that they will be most familiar with.

    You see, most people assume that conversational writing means writing in the exact same way you would speak. Not so. If that were the case this article would be packed full of umms and arrs and dripping with F-bombs.  

    Instead, conversational language means using simpler language and speaking directly to the reader.

    And being less stringent with certain ‘rules’ as well – such as starting a sentence with and.

    Crazy, right?


    Proper pucker conversational writing tips

    Alright, let’s get straight down to brass tacks. This is what you came for:

    → Know your audience innit

    You’ve got to know who you are writing for. The conversational writing style changes with your target audience. You would talk to your mum the same way you’d talk to a room full of footballers, would you?

    → Write to your perfect customer

    Now that you’ve done your audience research; who is your perfect customer? What are their wants and needs? Speak directly to them!

    → Write in first person

    Write in first person and address the reader in second. “I, my, me.” > “You, yours.” 

    → Ask rhetorical questions

    Interact with the reader by asking them questions. This keeps people engaged.

    Do you know what I mean?

    Isn’t it nice to feel included?

    It’s me and you buddy!

    → Tell stories

    One of my oldest clients once called me up, laughed hysterically down the phone and said:

    “I swear you are a 45-year-old woman in a young man’s body.”

    Apparently I am very good at writing content that resonates with a mature female audience.

    → Keep it simple

    Simple words and shorter sentences. You can tone down those mad long paragraphs as well.

    Your writing should be easy to scan and digest. Got that?

    → Slang it up

    Use slang words your audience will be familiar with.

    -Going after the Aussies? Good on ya mate!

    -How about the Brits? Bit dodgy, but what-evs…

    -The American’s, you say? That’s a whole ’nuther kettle of fish y’all.

    When you write in a conversational style with slang, your audience will be familiar with, it builds a stronger connection between you and your readers. It shows that you understand them. It gives us the warm and fuzzies.

    Why does conversational writing convert better?

    It’s simple really: conversational writing (when done well, innit) speaks to the individual. Assuming you’ve done your research ‘n all that, you should have a very clear idea of who you are talking to – and the sort of language that will rev their engine.

    Consumers who engage with quality conversational writing are more likely to convert because they feel seen. They feel a connection to home. A certain…familiarity if you will.


    Let’s wrap it up

    ● Formal writing in marketing is cold and distant.

    ● Conversational is warm and engaging.  

    It’s that simple really.

    BUT! It’s actually rather difficult to master – especially when you are writing sales copy. You’ve still got to brush up on consumer psychology and fusing that with a conversational style isn’t something you can ‘wing’.

    In any case, if you find yourself struggling to convert your audience through your content creation, it may be worth exploring other options. For example, hiring a digital marketing agency.

    You get to save your precious time and stick to managing your business, while letting the nerds take care of the wordsmithery on your behalf.

    Either way, I hope you’ve learned a thing or two, today!


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