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Top 5 Best Virtual and Dedicated Hosting Providers


    For your website to function optimally, it is important to pick a hosting provider that is reliable and can satisfy all the needs of your website. Disturbances can occur and reliable hosting providers will do everything to get your website up and running as quickly as they can. It therefore matters which hosting provider you choose, especially if you are hosting your company’s website(s). 

    Another important thing to consider is the number of websites you want to host. Hosting websites on different servers can be quite costly. Some hosting providers offer the option for multiple websites to be featured on the same server, making it possible to share costs. In this article, you’ll read about which criteria to consider when choosing a provider and we’ll give you the top five of the best and most reliable hosting providers for your website. 

    Criteria for Choosing a Hosting Provider

    Setting up a website all begins with claiming your place on the internet. All websites are different and some need more space than others. For example, websites that use a lot of media need more space than websites that just have text. A hosting provider can help you pick the right space and provide you with enough storage for your website. Besides storage, a hosting provider also provides you with bandwidth and makes sure your website always loads fast and is flexible and transparent in pricing.

    → Speed and reliability

    A reliable hosting provider can help you determine how much space you need on the server. Speed is not only important to your visitors, but also for your SEO. Slow websites are heavily penalized by search engines and will never appear on the first results page. Reliable hosts will make sure that there is always enough space on the server for your website to enjoy full speed. Some hosts apply special technology to help your website function even faster. The performance of your website is the biggest priority if you choose a reliable hosting provider. 

    → Security and support

    In a time where cyber attacks are common, providing great website security is essential. Making sure that your website is protected and that visitors won’t be affected by infected links placed on your website by cyber criminals is one of the main tasks of your hosting provider. A good host will implement the right techniques to keep your website safe and protect it from cyber attacks and malware.

    → Pricing and flexibility

    A quality host does not overcharge for its services, but the most important thing is the flexibility in pricing. Sometimes your website changes. If you upload more and more media the hosting provider should be able to grow with you and provide you with your hosting needs. It should not be a problem to increase your package and buy more storage space. A good provider is transparent about its pricing.

    storage space

    Top 5 Best Virtual and Dedicated Hosting Providers

    Five hosting providers have been thoroughly tested on service package, reliability, speed, customer service, and many more criteria. Below, you’ll find the pros and cons of each hosting provider, starting with the overall best.

    → 1. Gcore

    Gcore offers its customers a wide range of international services, including managed hosting, content delivery network (CDN), DDoS attack protection, Cloud storage, and DNS. The company is 24/7 available for its clients and has over 6000 partners already. With over 75+ Tbps total network capacity the website offers a response time of 30 ms on average internationally. However, the only thing that customers found Gcore could improve is that their platform can be quite complicated and is not suitable for beginners. 

    → 2. InMotion Hosting

    InMotion hosting offers reliable support and generous virtual hosting storage. Their program is easy to use and there’s no limitation to your bandwidth. However, this provider does come with some downsides. InMotion only has two servers, which are both in the US and does not offer automatic back-ups. They do not offer CDN and their performance and speed has a lot to improve. Overall, InMotion is good for those looking for cheap and basic hosting.

    → 3. Liquid Web

    Liquid Web offers its clients a solid service with 24/7 support. It supports WordPress, WooCommerce, and VMware Private Cloud besides HIPAA and PCI compliant hosting. Liquid Web works on the Storm Cloud platform and boasts VPS hosting. This host is a high-end provider with prices to match their services. This means that this provider is not suitable for those who only need basic support or operate on small budgets. Tailored products such as WP or Woocommerce are available for a steep add-on price. 

    → 4. A2 Hosting

    With an uptime of 99.9%, A2 is a fast and reliable virtual hosting provider. They offer unlimited storage and data transfers and free CloudFlare CDN and SSL-certificates. Their security and service are of the highest quality. They do offer unlimited websites and databases, but this feature does require a higher tier package. Likewise, their Server Rewind Backups and Turbo server are only available in the higher prices plans.

    → 5. HostGator

    HostGator offers plenty of storage and flexible terms. They don’t track your bandwidth usage and support a wide range of programming languages. HostGator is one of the best EIG hosting parties on the market. However, they are not completely transparent when it comes to pricing. Their speed is also not the best and back-up can only be restored for a fee. HostGator is therefore most suitable for those looking to use different programming languages and want a provider that doesn’t track bandwidth usage. 


    Speed, reliability, security, support, flexibility and transparent pricing are the most important features of a good hosting provider. Some providers offer low prices, but will not give you the speed and reliability you need for your website. Especially if you have a heavy website with lots of media, making sure you have a reliable host is essential. 

    When tested on all the important features, Gcore seems to be the best option for those looking for a provider with a wide range of services and proven reliability. InMotion hosting is a good option if you’re looking for less service for basic and cheap hosting. Liquid Web is more suitable for elite websites, whilst A2 offers several packa tiers. HostGator is a flexible provider and supports lots of programming languages, but scores low when it comes to price transparency. 

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