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Your Guide to Integrating Gamification Experiences into Brand Activations


    Planning a brand activation isn’t easy. You need an idea that’s going to deliver, and an in-person brand activation is no small investment. It’s a steep hill to climb, and you need all the tools you can get at your disposal.

    Gamification Experiences

    Experiential marketing can pay dividends when it’s done right. It’s an avenue into creating a deeper relationship with consumers and giving them something to remember you by.

    One of the tools you have at your disposal is gamification experiences. Gamification experiences create an element of interactivity, and they’re easy to incorporate into brand activations with the help of technology like portable digital billboards. Gesture control technology even lets you create gamification experiences in outdoor environments.

    When you gamify your marketing, you have the chance to create something engaging and unique.

    Sports Themed Games

    Planning an activation around a big game? Sponsorships are a huge part of sports, from the major leagues on down. The sports sponsorship market was worth an estimated $64.8 billion dollars in 2021, a number that’s set to increase to over $110 billion by 2030. Sports sponsorship is a big business and the perfect opportunity for brand activations.

    Sports-themed games are perfect for sports-based activations. Sport-themed games include things like basketball, soccer, bowling, football, archery, golf, hockey, racing, and more.

    One of the best formats for sports-themed games is portable digital billboards with gesture control. It gets audience members into the game and encourages them to embrace their competitive spirit. Mobile integration can even incorporate leaderboard scores so friends can compete against each other to see who has the best shot.

    Games of Chance

    Everyone loves a giveaway, but upping the stakes and lowering the odds can really add some excitement to it. Games of chance are a great way to give away higher-value products or experiences while still getting lots of people involved.

    Gamification experiences that revolve around games of chance include classics like Spin the Wheel, Wheel of Fortune, Plinko, dice, flip-a-card, and casino-inspired games. The games you choose can be tailored to the way you want to structure your giveaway. Spin the Wheel makes a lot of sense if you have a variety of giveaway prizes with different values, whereas a game with low odds of success or a lottery-style game can be great for high-value prizes. 

    Arcade Classics

    Sometimes nothing beats a classic. They were the greatest games of their generation, and they still hold up today, forever appealing to new audiences who are always striving to reach that high score.

    Classic arcade games find new life on platforms like digital billboards. They’re easy to integrate into any environment, and they can provide a welcome diversion or entertainment. Classic arcade games bring the benefit of familiarity and recognition, and they can help enhance the experience you’re creating for audiences.

    Custom Gamification Experiences

    Not satisfied with an experience that already exists? Sometimes brands need to do something all-new to fit their campaign idea. There are companies you can work with who will create custom and complex gamification experiences tailor-made for brand activations.

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