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What does Stat Tracker do?


    Valorant has had a remarkable two-year career. 12 million players regularly join in the action every month. Many more watch live streamed events such as the Valorant Champions Tournament. Although the game being entirely free to play is part of its appeal, it also has spine-tingling action and a cast of complex agents. Some players are happy to play for fun while others want to aim at the lucrative rewards of tournaments and the new international leagues. For all types of players, a stats tracker can help enhance playing techniques and the enjoyment of the game. 

    Stats Tracker

    From Beginner to Pro 

    A quick search should turn up several stat tracking tools. They each concentrate on different features such as working out shot accuracy per kill or agent abilities. Some trackers have a simplified analysis and presentation that newcomers to the game should appreciate. Further along the scale are stats trackers that offer in-depth assessments of team performance across multiple bouts. Real time analysis enables players to adapt their play during a match. These advanced features should appeal to experienced players who want to ensure their contribution to team play is reliably skillful. 

    Catch a Valorant tournament at 1337pro to see the professionals in action – this is a great way to improve your own gameplay. 

    Agent Evaluation 

    Valorant's growing cast list includes special agents with specialized skills. Their detailed back stories also give clues to any weaknesses they may possess. A stat tracker that evaluates every aspect of an agent's performance usually provides a percentage for their overall success rate. It helps players figure which agents they handle the most effectively. 

    Enemy Surveillance 

    As every Valorant agent knows, being aware of what the opposition is doing is a great advantage in planning ambushes and strategy. Players too can hone their ability to plan ahead by using a stat tracker that assesses the enemy. It should provide data about their kill rates, weaponry and the agents they are most likely to use. It helps players plan effective combat strategy for both offensive and defensive roles. 

    Long-Term Records 

    Any player determined to improve their overall gaming skills should appreciate the record keeping of stats trackers. Performance for each match is logged, providing a complete overview of player performance over time. They usually come complete with graphs, charts and percentages for different skills and achievements. The data has enormous value in helping players assess their own performances and abilities. They can instantly see which agents are their most effective, which weapons help them score a high kill rate and much more. 


    Without the assistance of stats trackers, players miss out on vital guidance regarding their skill development. One of the key factors in skill improvement is finding a stats tracker that's designed for a particular level of expertise. Through detailed analytics every player can improve their skills of one of the world's most exciting first-person shooters. 

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