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Why should you use a credit card?


    A credit is a simple plastic card given by a bank or finance company to the consumer that works like a substitute for money. You can use a credit card to make your payments, and the bill will be given to you later.

    In simple words, Credit Card is like a postpaid card. You can use it as per your card limit and then pay the bill later, say at the end of the month or the bill tenure.

    Credit Card

    How does a credit card work?

    The working of a credit card is simple and easy to understand. However, there are different rules and regulations set out for credit cards by every bank and NBFC.  

    Some of the general rules are:-

    • The customer should have an account in the bank/finance company.

    • The customer should submit the necessary documents.

    • The customer should fill in the application correctly.

    • The customer should choose the limit of the card.

    • The customer should ascertain the source of income through which he/she would clear the credit card bill.

    • The customer should understand the rules and regulations of the bank/Finance company.

    After completing the necessary documentation and application work, the bank will provide a credit card to the customer. This card will be linked to the customer's bank account. The customer can make transactions through this card, but all within the limit; for example, if the card limit is RS.50,000, then the customer cannot make a transaction of more than RS.50,000.

    The bank will fix a date (bill tenure/bill cycle) when the customer receives a bill specifying the number of transactions made via the credit card. And also, the bill will have the total amount to be paid. These bills usually include service tax. The customer will be given a certain time to clear the bill and can continue using the card after clearing the bill. These credit card bills are usually generated at the end of the month.

    Credit card dues can be cleared/paid in different ways, such as via a bank account or through online payment apps. MobiKwik provides swift credit card bill payment services and offers various rewards and discounts for on-time payments.

    Uses of a Credit Card

    A credit card is used instead of money, so while making any transaction, you can use a credit card instead of using liquid money. A credit card can be used to make both online and offline payments. With a credit card, you can make payments and clear the card bill later. You don't have to have any money and still make your transactions like making an Axis bank credit card bill payment online.

    You can use a credit card for different transactions. Some of them are:-

    • Shopping payments 

    • Food bills 

    • Hospital bill payments 

    • OTT subscriptions payments 

    • Insurance premium payments, etc.

    Benefits of Credit Card

    There are many benefits of using a credit card, such as:-

    • Instant payment for your bills.

    • Clearing your dues via credit card can give you extra discounts.

    • In case you do not have any cash/liquid money, you can make your payments using a credit card without facing any trouble.

    • You can set a limit on your card to make sure you won't have the burden of huge credit card bills.

    • You can have an add-on card for any of your family members- spouse, children, parents and siblings.

    How and where can you get a credit card?

    You can get your credit card from the bank in which you have an account. A bank account is very important for holding a credit card. If not a bank, you need to have an account with any finance company. The bank/finance company will provide you with your credit card after you complete the application and documentation work.


    Every bank provides credit card services. But, to maintain a good credit score, you must pay your credit card bills promptly. So, if you own an Axis bank credit card, you must make your Axis bank credit card bill payment online using payment apps like MobiKwik. It reminds you of the due dates through notification so that you don't miss your credit card bill payment.

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