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Google gravity ( - Google Mirror Gravity Trick

    Have you ever heard of a parallel universe? Where everything is mirrored, yet, they are identical to our earth. The same is true for elgooG.

    elgooG is a Google-owned reflective website. Keep in mind that this website is unrelated to the original Google. was created purely for amusement. Although this website was made purely for amusement, it has been well-maintained over the years and has undergone numerous changes. 

    Google gravity


    Many services are offered by Some of them are things they provide, and some links go to real Google sites. Links to the official Google websites for YouTube, Gmail, Maps, and Images are provided in the header.


    A CGI script is used on their server to implement Google mirror. In a browser, you request a page. The Google server is connected via the HTTP through their server.

    It examines the information and sends the reflected outcomes to the browser. It serves as a sort of intermediary server between the computer and the Google server.

    The 4000-line custom CGI (Common Gateway Interface) script for Google Mirror was created in PERL. That opens a URL connection to the Google server and reads the data of the resulting web pages using the LWP library.

    elgooG now offers the so-called Easter eggs that are existed within Google Search. The elgooG advertises that it restores, discovers, and also creates interactive Google Easter Eggs.

    Google Gravity

    If you are tired of seeing the same results on Google, you might want to give google gravity a try. Google Gravity is, to put it simply, a humorous visualization of the search results page that you can use in elgooG.

    All of the icons, the Google logo, the search bar, the buttons, and the text slide to the bottom of your screen in this inventive and entertaining display.

    What would happen if you performed this prank on your grandparent’s computer? They will be shocked, believing that Google has collapsed or, better still, that their system has failed.

    Google Gravity is one of a number of tricks that play with the core concept of Google search. There are some other entertaining renderings of the concept, similar to Google Gravity.

    Similar tricks to Google Gravity

    ✔️ 1. Google Zero Gravity 

    Similar to the Google Gravity trick, zero gravity google displays the Google Homepage's elements in the mirror's opposite direction.

    Again, there are two ways to apply the trick:

    • Visit the Google Zero Gravity page. OR Visit "Google" 

    • Enter "Google Zero Gravity" in the search box. 

    • Select "I'm Feeling Lucky"

    Every element in this scene will be in a mirror image and begin to collapse at the same time. Every element can be freely moved using your mouse.

    ✔️ 2. Google Anti-Gravity

    One of Google's best tricks is the anti-gravity trick. The Google Home Screen looks to be floating, and you can use your mouse to move any element on the screen. It includes buttons, a search box, and other elements.

    The entertaining Google Anti Gravity tool lets you liven up the dull Google Search homepage you have been using for years. It is quite well-liked and comparable to Google Zero Gravity. 

    Again, there are two ways to apply the trick:

    • Visit the Google Anti-Gravity page. OR Visit "Google" 

    • Enter "Google Anti Gravity" in the search box.

    • Select "I'm Feeling Lucky"

    In this display visualization, all the elements in the search page start to float. Think about what happens when there is no gravity. 

    ✔️ 3. Google Sphere

    By far, Google sphere is considered the most astonishing elgoog gravity trick. You may interact with Google Homepage in a truly remarkable way with Google Sphere.

    Every component of the Google Homepage can be made to circle around the Google Logo. It can be done with the use of a mouse in your hands, creating a spherical.

    Methods for executing the Google Sphere trick

    • Visit either Google Sphere or just visit Google's web page.

    • In the search field, enter "Google Sphere. 

    • Select "I'm Feeling Lucky"

    You will experience the elements on the screen revolving around the Google logo. This will create an amusing feeling that you normally don't find in regular searches.

    ✔️ 4. Google Underwater

    As implied by the name, this Google Gravity trick will submerge your Google search element, which you will see floating in the water. Once the search box is submerged, it is useless.

    This trick can be used in the following ways:

    • Visit the "Google Underwater" page, which is simple, Or Go to "Google."

    • In the search field, enter "Google Underwater.".

    • Select "I'm Feeling Lucky"

    You will watch as the water-based search components float and fall. If you want, you can use your mouse to move each component.

    Bottom line

    elgooG is a website that, as was previously stated, was created solely for entertainment. It contains a collection of amusing tricks. The above-given tricks are some of the many Google gravity tricks you can find in elgooG. 

    You can have complete fun with your colleagues, friends, and family members by using Google Gravity. Using the google gravity trick that has been mentioned must make you feel at ease. So go through the elgooG and enjoy the fun you can get from it.

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