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3 Features a Video Streaming Business Should Use to Become Successful

Every business strives to become successful. Companies want to have a huge user base and generate a lot of revenue. A lot of success depends on your content strategy and marketing campaigns, there is no doubt. But a lot depends on the OTT/IPTV platform you use. A video streaming solution developer embeds certain features and functionality you might need to achieve your business goals. Let’s observe what features you might benefit from.  

Video Streaming Business

3 features you should use to become a successful video streaming business

    #1 Customization

    If you obtain a white-label OTT platform, you will be able to customize the interface of your video streaming platform. You will be able to use your brand colors, logos, and fonts to stand out. A design can help you convey your message and make the first impression. That’s why it is important to have a platform that provides the possibility to customize your video streaming service.

    Also, you can increase user experience with the help of customization. It is always better to enjoy a well-designed and thought-through interface that is simple to navigate than watch an obsolete design. So, you should think about this.

    #2 Analytics

    Every business needs analytics to move further and develop. Video streaming services also should collect data about their performance and customer behavior. 

    A content provider should collect information to understand what performs well on the platform and what things don’t work. Analytics can help you find out what videos are the most popular among viewers. You can analyze them and then create more similar content. 

    Moreover, analytics can show you if something goes wrong on the platform. For example, viewers that use tablets cannot access the service. You will be able to identify the problem and solve it so that the user experience is not damaged. 

    #3 Features to improve user experience

    We are talking about features such as a recommendation engine, video-on-demand capabilities, catch-ups, rewinding, and others. These things can help a provider boost the user experience as people will have more flexibility when watching videos. 

    A recommendation engine can offer viewers videos they might be interested in. It analyzes content that a person has already watched and collects videos that are similar in genre or category. It offers these videos to the person so that they don’t need to spend money looking through the huge library of videos.

    Video-on-demand functionality allows people to watch videos whenever they want. Videos are available at any time because they are stored on servers. A person needs to click the play button and enjoy. 

    The rewind feature helps people to rewatch a certain episode or skip it. It is great when you can enjoy some parts again or, vice versa, not view something.

    The catch-up feature allows people to watch television programs that have recently been aired. For example, there has been a show this morning that you want to watch. But you didn’t manage to be on time. So, you can watch it in the evening due to the catch-up feature.

    Final Thoughts

    We have listed features that can help you boost your service and enhance the user experience. It is essential for any business to grow and evolve. However, these features should come with the right IPTV/OTT solution. That’s why you should spend some time studying the market and the solutions it has. We also recommend you contact Setplex, as they can offer you a platform to achieve your business goal.

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