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Why finding safe entertainment matters

Most of us have a mobile device and use the internet as a means of sourcing entertainment and fun. It’s the way of the modern world that entertainment is mobile, shared, instant, and all online. The biggest issue that has been neglected for too long has been the fact that even if you’re just watching movies and playing games, you need make sure you’re safe online.

Safe Online

Use strong passwords and change them often

We all know by now that it’s the passwords that you use that will provide you with the first means of defending your personal information and online accounts. Online gamers and those who watch movies and television, stream social media, and source entertainment online often seem to neglect this fact, yet they are sharing and interacting with so many unknown entities and people online. Simply put, you need a strong password and even multi layers of authentication for all your online accounts, not just your banking.

Use a known VPN

A VPN will allow you to not only remain in a safe space while you game or interact online, but can also improve the overall gaming experience. The fact that the VPN will mask your IP address means that no one will know where you really are. You could for example, play at the real money mobile casino from anywhere in the world, without the host knowing your exact location or IP address. A VPN has also been noted as a great defense against swatting, where other gamers become annoying and may want to connect in real life.

Use antivirus software and updated operating systems

The threats from cyber criminals and fraudsters is always a concern and one of the major means of remaining safe while you play games or interact online is to have the latest operating system and antivirus software installed. The operating system is the most fundamental software system of your device that controls the hardware, and the latest versions always have patches and fixes/corrections for any glitches or issues from previous software versions.

Use the privacy settings on social media

Social media and entertainment have become intrinsically linked and all sorts and forms of entertainment are now accessed, shared, and enjoyed through peoples’ social media accounts. Yes, it’s social and it’s fun, but you need to ensure that the privacy settings are set so your phone number and email address aren’t available to the public. Protecting yourself on social media will depend on the specific safety protocols of each of site and the applications that you use, but the principle is that you need to be in control of how much is shared and who is able to access your details.

No matter what you’re doing online, you need to consider your safety, and this is a principle that has been widely accepted, especially in the new world of remote and hybrid working. 

However, as discussed in this article, you also need to ensure that you are just as safe when accessing your favorite entertainment.

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