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Recruitment marketing strategies to employ to attract top talent

    Finding the best talent and retaining them to work for your organisation can be challenging, especially these days when people can easily find a competitive position they can apply for. Companies usually settle for hiring okay rather than top talent because that’s who’s available for their open roles. But recruiting specialists state that these days top talent doesn’t look for jobs; employers must find them and present them with offers they cannot refuse. 

    To win the talent, you need to stay competitive in the market and adopt a strategic mindset to attract the kind of people that share your organisation’s values. You can rely on marketing to do it. 

    Recruitment marketing strategies

    What you should know about recruitment marketing?

    Recruitment marketing is essential for companies because it enables them to attract, engage and retain candidates by showing them content that convinces them to apply for open positions. 

    When you rely on recruitment marketing to reach possible candidates, you no longer spend countless hours looking for people who fit your needs but use a series of tactics that delivers qualified candidates to your doorstep. Specialists define this strategy as a pull rather than a push tactic because it does more than advertise the job listing; it also markets the organisation as an employer and promotes the business and its work culture. 

    You can do recruitment marketing by building an effective online presence for your brand to appear on your possible candidates’ search engine results if they hunt for a job. Recruitment marketing usually includes multiple other online marketing strategies (social media marketing, email marketing, affiliate marketing, SEO). 

    Recruitment marketing includes four stages: awareness, interest, decision, and action/retention. You need to employ a series of tactics to attract, engage, and attract top talent. 

    Best recruitment marketing tactics

    → Identify your ideal candidate

    Decide what skills and qualifications the ideal candidate should have for the role you want to fill. Please write down the traits and skills that would make them a perfect fit for your company culture and team to help you identify the demographic they fall into. The answers to these questions can help you determine what channels you can use to target the possible candidates. Make sure your ideal candidate isn’t limited to experience, education and skills because they’re not the only factors to consider even if they are important. Their motivational factors, hobbies, and interests outside the job can help you understand if they’re the right fit for your job. 

    → Turn your employees into brand ambassadors

    Your existing employees can market your company as an employer of choice because they can spread the word about the benefits they get working for you. Candidates usually trust employees more than companies. It’s crucial to involve employees in your recruitment marketing strategy to reach the ideal persona. However, for your employees to act as brand ambassadors, they should be satisfied with the quality of services they get, so you should ensure that you provide them with the necessary means and a safe and comfortable workplace to enable them to complete their tasks. Transform your work environment into a safe setting for your talent and ensure that you adopt and follow policies that prevent accidents and injuries. Employers are liable for any work accident their workforce may experience on the premises and must pay compensation for personal injuries in the UK

    → Create branded content

    You need to produce content for each stage of the recruitment marketing funnel, so have your team develop branded content for newsletters, website blogs, case studies, social media, webinars, and videos to show your company’s leadership and expertise. Depending on your services, create content to attract the attention of experts from your sector. 

    A way to promote your brand to prospects is to create content and share it on your channels to engage your audience. Branded content does what a job ad cannot; it introduces your company to your candidates at the right time with a compelling message. 

    → Create a career page on your website

    If you have a website, create a unique page to provide information to prospective candidates. It should centralise all your company’s recruitment marketing efforts to help people figure out what to expect from the recruitment process and working for your organisation. Make sure your career page offers them all the information they need to decide to apply for your open positions. 

    The ideal career page provides details about your work environment, brand values, company culture, and benefits the employees get. For any company, it’s great to use the career page to tell candidates about the organisation’s founders, products, and core team. It would help if you also shared testimonials from your employees to help prospects figure out what working for your company means. 

    Ensure your entire website is mobile-friendly and SEO optimised because search engines route traffic to your website if the content includes the keywords the prospects search. 

    → Use social media for marketing your open positions

    92% of companies use social media channels to reach out to possible candidates these days. Social media networks allow you to share unlimited content, so you can post any kind of content you find ideal for spreading the word you hire. Use your social media pages to post content about your corporate volunteering events to let the candidates know you give back. Entertaining corporate events like team buildings, employee birthdays, and time spent together with the company pet can also give people a good idea about what work environment you provide. 

    Depending on the specifics of your business, you can even hold live events on Facebook or Instagram to provide prospects with a glimpse behind the scene. Social media platforms are popular for attracting attention because they allow people to engage with your content. Any kind of post can trigger a discussion and encourage your followers to comment, and you want your followers to interact with your posts to transform them into viral content. 

    You can recruit skilled talent

    Candidates' expectations are higher than ever, and you should use all available tools to design a successful recruitment campaign. 

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