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Accelerate Business Growth with Power BI Platform

    You've probably heard of Microsoft Power BI if you're looking for a self-service business intelligence solution. But does your business need it? Is it the right business intelligence platform for your organization? How can Power BI help your organization? Throughout this blog, we will address all these questions and share reasons why you should consider Power BI for your business

    What is Power BI?

    Microsfot Power BI is a collection of interactive business intelligence, reporting, and data visualization products and services to transform your data into valuable insights. Power BI distinguishes itself with efficient publication and distribution capabilities. But is the  technology-driven business intelligence tool a good choice for your organization?

    Reasons to Consider Power BI For Business:

    Let’s discover how Microsoft Power BI is right for your organization. Listed below are different reasons as to why you might want to consider it for your business:

    Power BI Platform

    1. Customized Visuals: Power BI is renowned for its customizable dashboards, which can be customized to meet your business needs. It includes intuitive and interactive visualizations. The simple drag-and-drop functionality also makes it simple for your personnel to create custom reports rapidly. 

    You can create effective models and appealing visualizations and choose from numerous options. Through unique features including column, matrix, pie chart, line, and tables, all of which can be customised for distinctive company visuals, Power BI's typical data visualisations can be made more dynamic. Power BI offers you a variety of custom visual files that incorporate dynamic elements like decision-trees, heatmaps, and correlation graphs in addition to the standardised package options. 

    2. Useful Q&A feature: When using Microsoft Power BI, which features the helpful Q&A function made for natural language queries, there are no technical coding requirements. To open the search box and find anything anything related to your business data, all you have to do is double click on a blank area of the canvas. 

    In addition to speech recognition through Microsoft's digital assistant, Cortana, predictive suggestions will provide direction on potential search alternatives, ensuring accuracy.

    3. User friendly: Microsoft Power BI interface is  user-friendly, even for those with no programming background. Because of the in-built intelligence, connectivity with Excel, Q&A tools, and data consolidation, Power BI leads you through the system, allowing for a hassle-free user experience. 

    The best thing about Microsoft Power BI is you can easily transform your data into effective visualisations. Microsoft Power BI makes this possible through the drag-and-drop feature of building graphics, picking the visual, choosing the data you want, and you have an interactive way of looking at your data. You can get a report or dashboard in minutes after importing your data. 

    4. Consolidates data in a better way: The Power BI platform enables easy data accessibility from multiple, cloud-based sources, including DropBox, OneDrive and Google Analytics through in-built connectors. 

    Users can analyze this merged data from a comprehensive report. Aso, you can access pre-built Power BI dashboards which can be customized for your business needs. This useful platform also has a drag-and-drop interface, which reduces the need for tedious copy-and-paste operations.

    5. Powerful Tool (as the name suggests): This BI tool is powered by ‘Power Pivot’ data modeling engine used for both modeling and visualizing data. The powerful tool takes pride for its high performance and ability to compress databases in an efficient way. 

    Microsoft Power BI has the capability to deal with tables exceeding 100 million records and automated data ensures that your data is always updated. With the same foundation as Power Query, you can begin creating calculated columns, measures, and even shaping your data before importing it if you are familiar with M or DAX without having to learn a completely new language.

    6. Cost-effective: You can generate business reports and dashboards on the free Microsoft Power BI Desktop for a single user, ranging in complexity from the simplest to the most complex. This hosts variety of capabilities like creating graphs and charts, creating appealing dashboards and reports, share reports with Power BI users, gain real-time business insights, and much more. 

    7. Easy integration: Excel, another renowned Microsoft product, is smoothly integrated with Microsoft Power BI. Users can access an interface that closely resembles Excel using the "Analyze in Excel" tab, making it familiar for new users who already possess knowledge about Excel. Also, users can be benefitted from discerning Power BI trends quickly and optimizing the Power Query tool.

    Polestar Solutions helps get your data to Power BI

    You must replicate data from all of your sources into a data warehouse before using Power BI to analyze your data. It is simple to aggregate data from all of your sources for a comprehensive understanding of your business by using an ETL tool to replicate data into a cloud-based data warehouse, such as Microsoft's Azure Synapse.

    Streamline data ingestion by using Polestar Solutions’ cloud-driven ETL service that automates the process of connecting to and extracting data from diverse sources and loading the data into desired place. From there, you can perform in-depth analysis using Power BI. Start your Power BI journey and make your organization data-driven. 

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