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How To Convery Your Business’s Vibe In Your Branding

Your business has a vibe – whether it’s playful and fun, fresh and wholesome or classy and elegant. You know exactly what your company is all about, but what are you doing to convey that to your potential customers?

The saying “your vibe attracts your tribe” doesn’t just apply to friends and romantic partners, it can be used to describe how the vibe of your business will attract the audience you exist to serve. In more serious terms, your “vibe” could be considered as your brand identity, which refers to how your company portrays itself to the public.

Here are four factors to focus on when it comes to putting out the right message and attracting the right people to your products. 

Business’s Vibe In Branding


Your brand’s colors are more than just that. They can portray feelings, values and styles very clearly. The right color palette will serve as an informal introduction to what your business is all about. 

If one of your company’s core goals and values is promoting relaxation and serenity (like for a day spa) you can use a colorful rose quartz and serenity color code from Vista Create to start building your color palette. 

If your brand is eco-friendly or health conscious, then of course you would include green tones in your color palette, such as for a natural supplement brand. A luxurious brand might use purple and gold – you get the idea. 


Picking a font for your business logo is a bigger deal than you might think. Fonts can portray a mood, feeling or tone in huge ways. Think about the difference between a comic book font and the font used by an expensive men’s clothing brand. These convey totally different feelings.

Think about the feeling you want your marketing messages to give your audience. Is your business fun and playful? Is it sophisticated, elegant and formal? All of this, and more, can be expressed with different types of lettering. A pro tip is to choose two (or perhaps three) fonts: one with more flourish and one that’s simple and legible. Use these consistently for all your logos, branding, content and other material. 

Language and Tone

Your business’s tone of voice will play a huge role in the way you’re perceived by your audience. Again, you can opt for playfulness or a more formal or authoritative approach. 

The way you talk to your audience in social media content and other branding messages will determine, to a large extent, how they feel about your company. When it comes to language, remember to also always pay attention to correct grammar, spelling and punctuation. 

Social Media

Growing on social media is a major goal of most brands right now. Your social media presence is one of the largest factors that will drive the success of your company, so you’ll need to make sure you’re on it.

Different businesses approach social media in different ways. You might use it as a platform to share useful information (like infographics and stats) or you could use it as a way to engage on a more personal level with your audience using polls, Q&As and even live streams. 

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