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Embed Twitter Feed on Website to Upgrade Your Business in 2022

Tweets hold great relevance in today's world. Often tweets and Twitter hashtags manage to get mentions in news headlines or to trend on twitter. So you have an idea of how important tweets are. So how about opting to embed Twitter feed on the website to showcase the latest tweets related to your desired topic. Sounds interesting, right? 

Embed Twitter Feed on Website

Read the article till the end to know how you can do it and why you should do it.

Various tools help you in this integration. They smoothly embed Twitter feed on the website and help establish your online presence. To save your time, we have listed some 3 best tools for this purpose. We measured them based on functionality, features, and cost.

So without further ado, let's dive into it.

Amazing Tools That Enables You to Embed Twitter Feed on Website

Providing the latest tweets on the website is a smart way to keep your users engaged and keep your website up to date. And with the following tools, you can fulfill these purposes with ease.

1. Tagembed Widget


Tagembed Widget

Tagembed is an amazing social media aggregator tool that helps you accumulate social media feeds from 18+ platforms. It then allows users to curate and customize the product before displaying them on the website. In addition, Tagembed provides a dedicated Twitter widget that helps you collect a Twitter feed from your desired source (You can choose from mentions, hashtags, handles and more) and displays the feed with comfort. 

Moreover, you have various features that add great value to this tool. Like, it allows you to personalize your widget using the customization option. Here, you can change your feed's font size, font style, and more and showcase your artistic style. So wear your creativity hat to beautify your widget. Also, have the option to choose from multiple themes and layouts, so choose the best that suits your website's style. Additional tip: Try to match the widget style with your website, as it brings professionalism to your website. Or you can even be playful and bring out the vibrancy of the website.

You also have a moderation feature that helps you to monitor the feed. Here you can choose what post you want to show or hide. Users can maintain the quality of the website by removing irrelevant or unwanted feed from the website. The tool allows you to manually remove the content from the feed and even provides the facility to opt for auto-moderation. In auto-moderation, the tool removes the content containing provided keywords.

Custom CSS, custom CTA, and analytics are some of the other major features of the website.

2. TweetWally



TweetWally is another amazing tool that helps you in displaying the latest tweets on the website. With a few simple steps, you can easily embed Twitter feed on your website and showcase all the tweets from your desired source. It is also known as a digital storytelling tool, which allows you to customize Twitter stories and show beautiful images on your website to enhance its visual appeal.

3. Twitter widget 

Twitter widget

Twitter Widget is a brilliant tool that smoothly streams all types of media, whether images, videos or text-related tweets, the widget displays them with ease. The tool provides you with four options to gather feeds you can select from - user timeline, list, favorite and search.

With customization and curation option, you can showcase the tweet as per your choice.

So, now you are well aware of the tools that help you in adding the latest tweets on your website. But the question that might be striking your mind would be - why one should display a twitter feed on the website. 

We have filtered some of this strategy's major benefits, which might convince you to embed Twitter feed on the website. We have kept the current marketing scenarios for these advantages.

Benefits of Embedding Latest Tweets on the Website

In this digital world, it is important to have a strong online presence as consumers often determine the quality and reputation of the brand based on their websites. Keeping that in mind, here are some amazing benefits that you can enjoy if you embed your twitter feed on website.

1. Makes the website engaging and educational

People often post their opinion on Twitter about any ongoing topic or share news about the latest happenings. You can opt to embed these latest tweets on your website and engage your visitors. Also, by going through the latest tweets, your visitor can be well aware of the latest happenings, making your website informative.

2. Enhances the beauty of the website

Everyone likes to visit a website that enhances the browsing experience. Images, videos, and the latest news can help businesses for this purpose. i.e. enhancing the browsing experience of any visitor. The tools mentioned above can easily stream all kinds of media files. So showcase them with comfort and create a good impression on your visitors.

3. Strengthen social media presence

With the tools above, you can choose to showcase feed from your Twitter handle. It provides a link between your website and Twitter handle. So, when visitors visit your website, they have the option to follow you on Twitter and eventually strengthen your Twitter presence. We all know how important it is to have a strong social media presence. It not only enhances the brand reputation and awareness but also helps to reach more audiences.

Ending Note

Using Twitter for a marketing purpose is a smart choice. And by opting to embed Twitter feed on the website to showcase the latest tweets, you can extract maximum benefits from the platforms. So go ahead and starting adding tweets on your website with the help of the tools mentioned above and takes your marketing maneuvers to the next level.

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