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6 Most Popular Web Development Frameworks Preferred by Developers in 2022


    Since the quality of web applications continues to improve, so does the complexity of the technology required. Frameworks have thus become a crucial component of web development. 

    If you can reinvent everything, it is simply ridiculous to do so for such complex processes. Because of this, employing frameworks recommended by tens of thousands of developers worldwide is a highly wise strategy for creating dynamic and sophisticated online applications. We examine the finest frontend frameworks as well as backend frameworks because a web application has both a backend (server-side) and a frontend (client-side). 

    Popular Web Development Frameworks

    Web application development services must be fast, reliable, and adaptive in their practices to finish their task effectively. But, what are these web development frameworks that make the task of web developers convenient?

    Check out below…

    Top 6 Web Development Frameworks in 2022

    Web Development

    → #1 Angular 

    Angular is a front-end framework by Google (Initially developed by Misko Hevery and Adam Abrons) which enables the creation of robust Web Apps and specializes in developing rich Single Page Applications. It is a vibrant framework to create high-performance and large scale web applications while also keeping them easy-to-maintain. Angular 1.x version used JavaScript, however later versions of Angular used Typescript, a superset of JavaScript. The main benefits of Angular are its size in comparison to other frameworks and secondly the fact that it's not SEO friendly by nature but can be SEO optimized. There are a vast number of web apps that are developed with Angular. Google, PayPal, and Microsoft also use the framework. 

    Language: JavaScript

    Latest Version: Angular 14.1.0

    Framework URL:

    GitHub Link:

    GitHub Stars: 58.5K

    Websites using Angular: Weather, YouTube on PS3, Netflix, etc. 

     #2 Django

    Django is a well-known Python framework that is in high demand among programmers and businesses alike. Django leverages the idea of code reuse and adheres to the MVT (Model-View-Template) Architecture, allowing it to create applications more quickly. One of the best web frameworks available, Django can be used to build the application's front-end as well as back-end.

    Django is used by the biggest companies, like Instagram, Disqus, and NASA, to manage their backend operations. Authentication, built-in validation, and messaging are some of Django's main features. This framework is appropriate for designing intricate and large corporate projects.

    Language: Python

    Latest Version: Django 4.0.6

    Framework URL:

    GitHub Link:

    GitHub Stars: 47.5K

    Websites using Angular: Instagram, Quora, Pinterest, Disqus, etc.

    Web Development Frameworks

     #3 Laravel

    Laravel is a PHP-based framework that fundamentally works on the MVC (Model-View-Controller) architecture. It’s one of the most popular web languages and is comparatively young in comparison to other frameworks on this list. Laravel comes with API support and also has several packages that make the framework extensible as well as adaptable. Laravel together with the frontend technologies in the ecosystem of Laravel could be considered to be a heaven for the beginners. 

    Language: PHP

    Latest Version: Laravel 9.0

    Framework URL:

    GitHub Link:

    GitHub Stars: 57.9K

    Websites using Angular: Neighbourhood Lender, Deltanet Travel, etc.

     #4 Express

    Express is a Node.js API  that is intensely strong and used to build highly effective web applications. Large enterprises mostly use Express because of its high flexibility. Web developers prefer Node.js because it’s scalable, light, and quick when it comes to running the code directly on the browser. 

    There are numerous well-known frameworks that are developed atop of and make use of Express because it is based on Node.js. Online training, documentation, and examples are all readily available for Express. In terms of routing, error handling, debugging, and database integrations, it offers all the necessities. This is one of the greatest frameworks for web development and one of the best frameworks to construct web applications for Node.js applications.

    Language: JavaScript

    Latest Version: Express 4.17. 2

    Framework URL:

    GitHub Link:

    GitHub Stars: 47.5K

    Websites using Angular: LearnBoost, Myspace, Storify, etc.

    Web Application

     #5 Ruby on Rails 

    Ruby on Rails is an incredibly productive server-side web application framework written in the Ruby programming language by David Heinemeier Hansson. In comparison to a usual Java framework, one can build an app at least 10x faster using Rails. Furthermore, Rails contains everything required to build a database-driven web app, with the help of Model-View-Controller architecture. RoR provides all the libraries and tools needed for the development of web applications using databases. 

    RoR offers incredible functionality for creating the scaffolding of your project quickly. Although Ruby on Rails is fast to develop, it can be slow when it comes to performance for large-scale applications. Hence, the framework is not optimized for multithreading.

    Language: Ruby

    Latest Version: Rails 7.0. 2

    Framework URL:

    GitHub Link:

    GitHub Stars: 45.1K

    Websites using Angular: AirBnb, Shopify, GroupOn, UrbanDictionary, etc.

     #6 CodeIgniter 

    Developed by EllisLab, CodeIgniter is a popular framework for web applications to develop dynamic websites. It is lightly based on MVC architecture as Controller classes are mandatory but views and models are just optional. The framework has potential for incredible performance, no large-scale monolithic libraries, and close to zero-configuration.  

    Language: PHP

    Latest Version: CodeIgniter 4

    Framework URL:

    GitHub Link:

    GitHub Stars: 18.2K

    Websites using Angular: The Mail and Guardian, Bufferapp, etc.

    Final Words: 

    Web frameworks are essential components in the creation of applications. Each of them possesses an own set of capabilities and restrictions. Each of them will provide you with the greatest result for your project depending on the requirements of the job. If you're unsure which one to use for your project, then you can get advice from a web application development company or hire web developers to make your job even more smooth and convenient. 

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