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Pass Besafe Kerala Gov In - ( Affidavit & Travel Pass

    Kerala Police has created an online platform for Kerala people to apply for Kerala Inter District Travel Passes. The Kerala lockdown epass online registration form is currently accessible. The Kerala Inter-district Travel Pass Registration Form is for people who are not excluded. You must show a valid ID to utilize the pass for travel during the lockdown.

    The Kerala Government and Administration have launched the official website for "Covid-19," also known as the Kerala e-Curfew Pass. In this case, government officials decide to issue Curfew Lockdown Movement e-Passes to vital service providers. The official Kerala Lockdown (e-Pass) Movement Pass Registration website is Kerala Curfew E-Pass: The national and state governments are taking many precautions to ensure that vital goods remain available during a lockdown. Kerala curfew movement e-Pass has been arranged in this sequence for the required services (grocery/milk/chemist store).

    Candidates can apply for Essential Services, Travel from Kerala to Outside, Medical Emergency Pass, Moment of Essential Goods, Government Officials, and other-related positions (Specify details in Purpose).

    The candidates who wish to apply online must first download the official notification and thoroughly understand all qualifying requirements and the application process. We will offer brief information about "Kerala Curfew Pass 2022", such as Scheme benefits, Eligibility Criteria, Scheme Key Features, Application Status, Application Process, and more.

    Kerala besafe pass's official website is Kerala Police has begun accepting registrations for emergency travel passes exclusively. Because Kerala is one of the Covid-19 affected districts in India, everyone who wants to move abroad must acquire a travel epass.

    Online Registration Form - Kerala Gov In - Pass Be Safe

    How can I apply for a travel pass through the Kerala besafe portal?

    ● Visit for more information.

    ● Open the Kerala Police emergency travel pass registration form.

    ● You'll notice an option named "Inter-District Travel Pass - Portal by Kerala Police for filing Inter-District Travel Pass Requests."

    ● Name and co-passenger information must be entered on the registration form.

    ● Fill in your phone number, address, trip date and time, and vehicle information.

    ● Enter the driver's name and contact details.

    ● Choose a reason for your trip and upload papers.

    ● Choose a district and a police station.

    ● After providing all the necessary information for the Kerala travel pass, click the submit button.

    ● Kerala Gov will file your Inter-District Travel Pass application.

    Kerala Interstate Pass Documentation and Information

    ● Personal information and contact information

    ● Any PoI document 

    ● An Aadhar Card or a PAN Card

    ● Proof of Kerala residency

    ● Vehicle identification number

    ● Details about the driver

    ● Passengers' proof of address

    Eligibility Conditions -

    The following reasons qualify for a Kerala inter-district pass at -

    ● Self- or family member's medical emergency

    ● Attending a funeral for a family member

    ● after being stuck due to lockdown, rejoining the family

    ● Bringing back stranded family members as a result of the lockout

    ● Returning to Work/Duty

    ● Students stuck on their way home

    ● Marriage (personal/close relative)

    An Overview of the Kerala Inter District Pass Issued by the Kerala Police

    Name of service

    Kerala Inter District Travel Pass

    Issuing Authority

    Kerala Police


    State Government of Kerala

    Official Website

    Application Process

    Online through the registration form

    How to Locate the Citizen ePass Application?

    If you have previously applied for a citizen or tourist ePass and are awaiting approval, the ways to check your status are as follows.

    Step 1: To access the site, go to

    Step 2: From the Citizen tab, pick the Track Application option.

    Step 3: A screen will pop up where you must enter the cellphone number you gave when applying for the ePass.

    Step 4: Next, you must pick the type of epass for which you have applied.

    Step 5: Enter the captcha code.

    Step 6: Click the Verify button.

    How to Apply for an Essential Services Pass in Kerala Online?

    Use the website to apply for any passes for vital services in Kerala during the lockdown. Fill out the application form found here. Fill out the application form for a permit to critical services in Kerala following the steps outlined below.

    Step 1: To begin, visit the e-curfew pass website -

    Step 2: On the homepage, Fill out the application form for the vital services pass by clicking "Pass."

    Step 3: On the screen, you will see the Kerala Affidavit Online Form.

    Step 4: Fill out the application form with your name, department, address, phone number, and area preference.

    Step 5: Upload a scanned copy of your signature, official ID card, and the most recent photo. All documents must be in 1Mbonly.

    Step 6: Once you've entered all your information, click the "I'm not a robot" button.

    Step 7: Finally, click the "Complete" button to submit the application form.

    Advantages of the Scheme

    Under the necessary services, e-Pass has been provided for the proprietors of services such as grocery/milk/chemists, etc. Service providers can deliver important services to the general public without difficulty thanks to e-Pass.

    The Kerala State Government is attempting to get food to the homes of the state's impoverished.

    Information needed to apply online includes:


    Official ID serial number 

    Phone number

    Email address

    Name of Father/Husband *



    Vehicle No 



    Key Elements of the Plan Feature

    Kerala Police will give passes to those performing critical tasks during the lockdown. Those who work for the government or the media can travel with their ID cards.

    The Kerala Police should receive a declaration from everybody who uses a private car on public highways.

    People will face harsh consequences if they fill out the form with false information.

    An exemption permit would be given to those working in industries that provide important services such as health, supply stores, medical shops, vegetable shops, internet, bank personnel, telecom and media, milk, and drinks. These folks can utilize their ID cards.

    Guidelines for Eligibility

    The curfew pass application is available online for all supermarket dealers, milk vendors, and pharmacists.

    People engaged in critical services or any other emergency are awarded a movement pass.


    Who should apply for an e-pass?

    Epasses should be carried by daily wage employees, domestic workers, emergency travelers, hospital patients, and those attending funerals and weddings.

    How do laborers receive an e-pass?

    Workers on a daily pay and domestic helpers should enroll for e-passes through their own or employers. The application should be sent to the appropriate Station House Officers.

    Who may travel without an e-ticket?

    Those employed in vital service areas may travel with their official identification cards.

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