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6 New Instagram Findings To Boost Your Brand in 2022

    Do you wonder how to skyrocket your business Instagram account? Or maybe you have a skeptical outlook on it and wonder if it's worth your time? Read on to discover new Instagram stats that will help boost your brand this year!

    New Instagram Findings To Boost Your Brand

    Instagram is a social media application designed in its origins as a platform allowing users to show off their location by sharing pictures. However, people have started to miss their locations and instead just post photos of their pets, friends, and food. So, to distinguish itself from other photo platforms, Systrom and Krieger bet on social interactions, photo filters, and the convenience of using this app. It is how the application got its present shape, and we all know it has become a success.

    Now, Instagram is reaching its next turning point. Business owners quickly realize that as a social media app, Instagram has great potential to reach out to customers. Appealing pictures, the possibility to build a community, and great UX are just a few of the features that makes Instagram a perfect marketing tool. That made many brands create Instagram accounts, and many people started to follow them.

    The question arises - how to use its full potential? Well, we should learn from users! 

    The latest Instagram study examined how Americans use Instagram regarding brand accounts and content. In this post, you'll learn 

    the recent findings on Instagram users' behavior

    how to benefit from those insights

    how to improve your brand performance on Instagram.

    Let's dive in!

    92% of Instagram users follow a business.

    The study revealed that 92% of Americans who use Instagram follow brands on this platform. Most of them follow as many as 6–10 business accounts! Since there is no significant difference between genders, the results vary by age. Below are demographic results:

    Gen Zers (25 or younger): 90%

    Millennials (26–38): 94%

    Gen Xers (39–54): 89%

    Baby Boomers (55+): 84%

    That means that Millennials are the most significant part of Instagram customers. With this knowledge, your brand can shape a message more targeted to this age group. 

    71% of Instagram users feel more connected to brands they follow on Instagram.

    All brand owners know the value of customer loyalty. Indeed, commitment turns one-time customers into returning customers willing to recommend the service to others, which is profitable for the company. So, how can you build this kind of relationship with clients? By making them feel connected with the brand. In this case, Instagram is the real game-changer. According to recent findings, as much as 71% of Instagram users feel more connected to brands they follow on Instagram. In addition to building the company's relationship with audiences, an Instagram account offers additional benefits - it gives the brand an edge over the competitors. A whopping 93% of shoppers are likely to buy from a business they feel connected to thanks to Instagram and to choose this business over a competitor. 

    89% of Instagramers prefer short-form content 

    Sorry for the obviousness, but I must say it - content is the king, and it's also true for the Instagram app. Your texts, pictures, and videos must be engaging and attract an audience; otherwise, you get lost in the crowd. In other words, you wouldn't build your brand presence without appealing Instagram content. That leads to the question: What should brand Instagram content look like? Well, let's explore what Instagram users think on this topic!

    Firstly, take a look at content formats. Regarding business content specifically, 58% of Us Instagram users prefer seeing stories, followed by 51% who enjoy text posts. Nearly half of the users like in-feed videos, and 41% of them like reels. Only one-fourth of respondents pointed to live broadcasts.

    So now, when you know that text posts are one of the most likely content types to succeed, how to write them effectively? Just keep them short. 89% of Instagramers admitted they prefer <1,000 words of content over long-form content (1,000+) regarding brand text posts.

    85% of people have used Instagram to discover new products.

    About 85% of Americans responded "Yes" when asked if they ever used Instagram to discover new products or services. Thus, many US Instagramers see this platform as a vast marketplace filled with interesting new items. Also, more than seven in ten people (74%) said they bought a product or service via Instagram. 

    However, making the deal is not the primary motivation for Instagram users to visit brands' profiles. Only 38% buy a product immediately after discovering it on this social media platform. Most (67%) search for more information about the product or service or visit the business's site or mobile application (61%). Those actions don't lead directly to sales, but your business benefit from rising website traffic!

    79% of people got inspired by Instagram to shop without prior planning.

    One of the questions in the Instagram survey was - did Instagram ever inspire you to shop from businesses even when you weren't looking to do so? Nearly eight in ten people answered "Yes." It's almost as much as the number of people who use Instagram to discover new products. Although there is not enough data yet to conclude, we have a reasonable guess that the people who look for new products on Instagram are also willing to buy them. That means they are not only visitors but actionable shoppers. Also, it makes sense that excellent brand visibility on Instagram can lead to more sales.

    71% of users will pick Instagram over other social networking sites

    Of course, Instagram is not the only social media platform that gives brands opportunities to develop an online presence. Facebook, TikTok, and YouTube are the other popular choices. But - which one works best for businesses when it comes specifically to shopping? We get the answer - most probably, Instagram won. The study revealed that 71% of US shoppers would pick Instagram over other social networking sites for shopping purposes. However, this result differs significantly between various generations. Only 55% of Baby Boomers value Instagram so much. The score rises for Millennials and Gen Xers - in both groups, as much as 69% of respondents prefer Instagram over other platforms. But the real Instagram shoppers are Gen Zers. A whopping 82% of them said they would choose this app.

    Final thoughts

    A place to interact with friends or an e-commerce platform? We cannot guess the future of Instagram. But one thing is sure - right now, it's the low-hanging fruit for all brands. Hopefully, those insights will help you grow your audience, build a solid online image and boost your sales!

    Short bio: Karolina Turowska, a writer and travel enthusiast at Passport Photo Online. When it comes to writing, she loves bringing dry facts to life. When it comes to traveling, she just loves bikes.

    Instagram Findings To Boost Your Brand

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