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Increasing Your Interest in New Gaming Genres

    Gaming is a hobby that many people enjoy, but people enjoy it for many different reasons. You yourself might have an interest in this medium, but what you get out of it could be entirely unique to you. However, over time, you might find that playing the same kinds of games over and over again begins to wear your interest down. Instead of abandoning video games entirely, consider what new genres might have in store for you. While you might have once thought you knew exactly what was right for you, dabbling in something new for yourself could prove that to be a misconception.


    Multiplayer Online Battle Arenas (MOBAs)

    If online gaming is what you’re into, this is likely a genre that you’re familiar with on some sort of level, regardless of whether or not you usually play them. Being team games, titles that are a part of this umbrella, such as Dota 2 or Heroes of the Storm, might appeal to you more if you’ve got a dedicated group to play with. However, what might not appeal to you about games that fall under this genre is the amount of grinding that is potentially involved with it, especially if you already feel as though your skill level is above that of where you’re currently placed. In that case, professional outlets, such as those at could boost your character up to where you want it to be, trimming the fat of an experience to leave only what you find most enjoyable.

    Isometric RPGs

    If your interest in modern role-playing games comes from higher-budget experiences that perhaps focus more on the fidelity of the graphics or the robustness of the action gameplay, the prospect of old-school, isometric RPGs might not appeal to you in quite the same way. However, what these experiences have that their higher-budget equivalent might not is a sharp focus on world-building, immersion and player choice – qualities that can lead you to a different experience entirely.

    You might also find that developers who work under tighter budget constraints are often able to deliver a more focused product, because they’re forced to work under tighter conditions – getting creative with their available resources. This is something that you also see in TV shows and movies, where visual spectacle can’t do the heavy lifting and so more effort often gets put into the script.


    If you’re someone who would rather complete a session of gaming in one sitting, rather than chip away at a large campaign each time, rogue-like games might be for you. Forerunners in this genre include FTL: Faster Than Light, and The Binding of Isaac. Though the individual genres, tones and gameplay styles can vary massively, the general consistent through-line is that no two ‘runs’ are ever the same, and therein lies the appeal of the genre. While you can improve at the gameplay, you never know what to expect, and elements of the game will be randomized to keep things fresh and to keep you on your toes. 

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