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How to Market a Plumbing Business for an Online Audience


    Marketing is a diverse field, and every single business relies on good promotional material to get customers. Online digital marketing is quite a bit different. Everyone is online, so naturally, they will do most of their business using the web and mobile platforms.

    The old method of handing out flyers at traffic stops has fallen away. For plumbing companies specifically, this along with phone book listings and the local directory were all you needed in the past. Step into the future by taking the right steps to market your plumbing business online to reach a wider audience. 

    Plumbing Business Online

    Choose the Right Platform

    Different online platforms work better for different business types. In the plumbing industry, Instagram and Twitter won’t serve you well, but Facebook, LinkedIn, and TikTok will. Before people would have to use a phone book. Now people just search for plumbing services when they need them. Have a profile on every platform and work on posting something at least once a week.

    You also need a website that your target audience can view to find more information or contact you. The website needs to look professional, and it should link to all the different online social media platforms you use, including Google. 

    List the Business on Google

    Google My Business (GMB) is an absolute must for any business. If you don’t want to use social media, at least list the business on Google. It is completely free, which means you can spend more money on creating content. Let’s face it, everyone uses Google, and you want to make sure that when someone searches for plumbing or sewage and sanitary services, yours is the first business that appears.

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    Make SEO Work for You

    Google Analytics is something that you want to spend time and effort on. It is worth paying a professional for SEO services because they will know what keywords and phrases to use in your advertisements. Plumbing isn’t just about fixing toilets and leaks. You work with sanitary and sewage systems, so you can expand on your keywords quite a bit.

    Write down every type of plumbing service that you can offer and phrase your marketing content so that Google searches redirect more people to your social media pages and website. Do you offer just repairs or can you provide an entirely new sanitary sewer design of any size? SEO is the single most powerful tool you can use to know if your online marketing is working for you, so pick words and phrases that will count.

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    Content Matters

    The type of content you post also matters. Don’t just offer promotions or talk about discounts. Create a brand with a unique personality. Plumbing is one of those trades that everyone can benefit from learning a bit about. Why not record videos of tips and tricks you have learned over the years that might help someone in an emergency?

    Learn how to write a blog and post weekly, providing advice or simply telling your audience a good story. You need to create a persona that people can connect with, and what is more common for everyone than plumbing needs? 

    Even if your business is relatively new, with online marketing you can put your company name on the map and get more people turning to your brand.

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