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Smart Business Advice: Tips on How to Grow Your Contractor Business Online

In our advanced digital landscape, no matter what trade or business you’re in, you can easily grow your audience (and your business) using smart digital strategies. 

We often think of tech businesses or online storefronts when it comes to digital marketing, but in today’s interconnected digital space, there’s room for everyone from lawyers and doctors to military recruiters and contractors of all disciplines.

Even in the world of contracting, which has largely been aided by digital marketing efforts in recent years, you can boost your exposure and land more clients with the help of right digital marketing agency in Brisbane. And these efforts are sure to widen your client pool.

The problem with growing your business online is that often, many business owners simply don’t know where to begin. If you’re a contractor and you want to boost your revenue and gain more exposure, the following article will explore a few ways that you can scale your contracting business for growth.

Grow Contractor Business Online

Create a Business Website 

One of the first steps in online marketing is to create a business website. It’s here where you’ll showcase your talents as a contractor, and get really specific in the description of the type of work that you do. 

You’ll also be able to show your portfolio, client reviews, certifications, and licensing that you have on your website, making you look like the professional that you are. But before you build your website you need to get licensed as a contractor in your state. 

Once you’re licensed and you have documents to support this, you can link to them on your website or build a page devoted to achievements and testimonials. And this is what potential clients will look for when they browse your site and decide to hire you on for a job. 

Social Media 

Social Media

You might think that social media is just for sharing posts, keeping up with current events, or staying in touch with friends and family. But the world of social media offers so much more.

Today, social media platforms can be powerful marketing tools, especially if you’re consistent and professional with the content that you choose to share. And for business purposes, you’ll want to maintain this level of professionalism on your business account as well as with your personal profiles. 

By using social media, you’ll be able to alert your audience about the progress being made on current jobs, as well as any promotions or specials you might choose to run. If you offer an incentive, such as a monetary gift for a client referral, this can actually serve to boost your audience and the number of shares you receive for a specific post.

Remember, the key to being successful on social media is by being consistent, so choose a schedule for when to post and stick to it faithfully. 

Marketing Campaigns 

Marketing Campaigns

Maybe you’re new to the contracting business. But even if you’ve been around for a while, anyone can benefit from hiring an in-house marketing team, or by outsourcing to a marketing agency.

Marketing professionals know the ins and outs of the digital space when it comes to scaling your current marketing efforts for greater ROI and for gaining exposure. 

You might only be using a few marketing tactics in your spare time between jobs. But marketing itself can be a job in itself, and a busy contractor rarely has the required downtime to handle these complex tasks.

A marketing team will work with you to meet your desired sales targets, even if you want to grow your business slowly and take on only a couple of extra clients per month.

Growing your business is the natural progression expected for anyone who enters the business world, no matter what trade or sector you’re working in. It’s also the sign of a profitable business, and of a business owner who’s expecting to stay in the game for years to come. 

Once you take your efforts digital, expansion is the only way forward. 

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