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6 Ways to Recover Deleted Photos from an iPhone

    Cameras in the phones have evolved so much in ages, but the iPhone remains at the top of the best camera lists. Pictures are really important, but if you tend to lose those pictures, you are losing more than you think. 

    Here are listed some of the steps to recover your valuable photos from your iPhone:

    How important are they

    Photography is one of the greatest inventions over time which helps us to get proof of something. Many people come and go in the earth, and the pictures that were taken of the people proves that they have actually been with us. 

    We can bring back all those forgotten emotions and feelings just by taking a look at them. People turn older with age, and the pictures they have taken when they were younger reminds them of who they were and bring a smile to their faces.

    It helps us to see the things that we are unable to see with our own eyes. It shows us the landscapes of the sceneries around the world. Hence, it has become possible to see everything in the world without even stepping out of your house. 

    Sometimes, we ought to lose many people in our lives unfortunately, but their pictures stay with us forever, and we can see them whenever we miss them. They help us solve many mysteries and even provides enough evidence to prove that some people are innocent in the courtroom. 


    So, below listed are some of the ways to recover the deleted photos from your iPhone:

    #1 Restoration from the recently deleted folder

    The iPhone has a feature called the recently deleted folder. It will store the picture that has been deleted with or without your knowledge. But it will keep your deleted pictures in that folder for only a limited period of time. 

    Your photos will remain in that folder for around thirty days, but on the 31st day, all the pictures will be gone permanently. Otherwise, it is so easy to recover all those pictures within 30 days.

     All you have to do is to open the photos app and scroll down to the end. There you will find the recently deleted folder that is present in your phone by default. When you tap and enter the folder, you may find all the deleted pictures. 

    You can select the images you are specifically looking for, or you can use the “select all” option and tap yes, to recover your photos.

    Recently deleted

    #2 Restoration from the iCloud

    If you have failed to retrieve all those pictures within 30 days, then you have the option called iCloud to rescue all the images that are deleted permanently. But it will replace all the other contents such as apps, data, text messages, etc. 

    But if the backups are very recent, then it is worth the shot. But if the backup is done very long before then, it will be a great effort to delete all the unwanted things again.

    So, if you have decided to use iCloud, follow these steps. Start the backup option so that you can retrieve all your pictures and then can return to the current configuration once you have your photos. 

    You should follow the instruction manual available on your external hard drive or the computer.

    Once the reset is over you should hit the factory reset settings, and then you will be able to recover all your older settings and all the lost pictures. 

    But, if you don’t like the older setting, you can upload your photos to the Google apps such as drive or drop box, etc. Then you can update your phone to the new configuration.


    #3 Restoration with the iTunes 

    To restore the pictures from iTunes, you should start your computer and then connect the iPhone to the computer. Then select the iPhone icon present on the left corner of the iTunes window. 

    This will open the summary tab in the windowpane on the left. Then you may notice the restore backup option in the backup section.

    Choose the backup option which you need to retrieve the images in your iPhone. After this, you can go to the photo app and check whether your lost pictures are back. 

    If not, then repeat the process so that you can restore all those pictures from your iPhone.


    #4 Restore using ULT data 

    The Tenorshare Ult Data is a ground-breaking software that helps in the retrieval of the photos without any iTunes, iCloud Backups, etc. 

    It allows you to recover all the permanently deleted pictures from your iPhone without bringing any changes in the settings or data configurations. 

    This is very easy to use and an efficient way to recover all those lost pictures.

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    #5 Restoration from the Finder 

    To bring back all those deleted pictures, you should open the Finder on macOS Catalina 10.15 and macOS Big Sur 11on your MacBook. Then search on the top corners and type the name of the image you’re trying to restore. Then scroll down through the list until you see the file you are looking for. 

    Once you find it, then select the file and drag it to another folder or drag it to your desktop.

    Most of the time, the images that are deleted are not completely deleted. They are just stored somewhere else.

     If you are in a great panic that your files are gone, then you may search in the external drive by connecting it to your computer formerly searching for it in Finder or some other apps. 

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    #6 Restoration from your external drive

    It is the easiest step in image retrieval. Once you feel like you have lost all the important images, you can go to your external drive. There you will find an option such as iPhone library as a folder.

    You can then drag the folder to the internal drive of your phone storage. After this, you can retrieve all your pictures that have been deleted permanently from your iPhone.

    Bottom line:

    There are many ways to restore the pictures you thought you had lost for your lifetime. So, keep your photos safe, and don’t panic when you lose your pictures once again. 

    Because now you know the way of recovering the images on your iPhone. Therefore, Click more and make memories.

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