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10 Resources That’ll Make You Better At Web Application Development

Web application development

Are you into web application development and want to develop data-intensive web apps quickly? Would you like to seamlessly integrate professionally designed, tested, and preserved components into the app your building? Do you want to build stunning and awesome apps that are reliable and efficient?

Sencha provides a Javascript grid with 140+ high-performing UI components to build beautiful apps.

To help you get started, we have compiled a list of 10 resources that will make you better at web application development.

    #1. Where can I find detailed documentation on web application development?

    Sencha docs have detailed documentation on various products:

    Ext JS



    Sencha Test

    You can find detailed documentation, code examples, and how-to guides.

    #2. Is there a YouTube channel to help me with web application development?

    Indeed yes! This Sencha YouTube page helps you develop data-intensive web apps faster.  With more than 1.5K subscribers, this YouTube channel features various videos on application development, best practices, latest programming trends. 

    Subscribe to this page and make the most of your web development experience.

    #3. What is Sencha Devs?


    Sencha Devs

    Sencha Devs is a detailed resource page to help you with web application development. Above all, if you want to enhance your career with better opportunities, you can browse through the detailed job listings on Sencha Devs. 

    On the other hand, if you are looking to hire a developer or contractor, you can browse the listings for highly skilled workers.

    With Sencha Devs, you can also learn about the Ext JS framework and tooling innovations.

    #4. How can I get support when I’m stuck on an issue with my project?

    Sencha believes in providing excellent technical training and support to help you overcome your most significant challenges as rapidly as possible. For example, if you are a Sencha customer, you are automatically enrolled in the Standard Support Package, which gives you full-time access to essential support. 

    You get 24/7 access to Sencha forums and 40 x-credits per developer seat to directly reach out to a technical support team member. 

    Support is available over the phone, support portal, or remote assistance. Learn more on Sencha’s dedicated maintenance and support page.

    #5.  Is there a Sencha blog page on web application development?

    Absolutely! The Sencha blog page contains a large variety of topics. You’ll find articles on:

    Web application development with code examples

    Comprehensive tutorials on application building

    Guidelines on best development practices

    Whether you are a Javascript developer, a React programmer, or Angular is your game, there is a good topic you can read on and benefit from. 

    Additionally, there are articles for web designers on best design practices and easy-to-follow how-to guides. 

    Each blog has a table of contents for quick references, so you can skip to a topic without reading through the entire article.

    #6. Where can I find detailed tutorials and examples on web application development?


    web application development

    This dedicated Sencha blog page is a great archive for web application development tutorials. Numerous tutorials help you get started on a Sencha framework if you are a beginner. 

    An advanced programmer can benefit from several how-to guides, specialized features, and the latest trends and technologies. Similarly, there are even articles on helping you improve your business processes and increase revenue.

    #7. What is the Sencha Resource Center?

    A valuable and must-see resource for all web developers and designers is the Sencha Resource Center. You will find plenty of good videos, white papers, webinars, examples, data sheets, and case studies. For example, see below:

    A video series consisting of Ext JS grid tutorials for essential to advanced level programming.

    The white papers feature a series of articles on various topics, ranging from application development to choosing a development framework to guidelines for increasing business revenue.

    A webinar series focusing on developing and improving your web application development skills. There are how-to webinars and specialized tutorials on how to write different types of apps.

    The examples are free-to-code samples for beginner to advanced level developers that can be tailored or used as a starting point to build more complex systems.

    Datasheets have details on Sencha products like Ext JS, Sencha GXT, Sencha ExtAngular, and Sencha Ext JS for OEM.

    #8. Are there examples for building cross-platform apps for desktops, tablets, and smartphones?


    cross-platform apps

    The Ext JS Examples page also has a wide variety of examples for building cross-platform apps. On this page, generally, you’ll find sample applications, combination examples, grid code examples, and tree examples. 

    Similarly, there are various miscellaneous examples on sliders, panels, spotlight, keyboard navigation, and progress bars.

    #9. Is it possible to read detailed case studies?

    Again yes! You can go to Case Studies to read detailed case studies and real-life use cases. There are numerous customer success stories. Further, a few examples are:

    ○ Icube’s highly sophisticated digital payment platform

    ○ HISCOM’s high-productivity web-based vending machine platform

    ○ University of Buffalo’s research with Sencha Ext JS framework for advancing bioinformatics and life sciences research

    ○ Kaseware’s intelligent investigative solutions to combat security threats

    #10. What is Sencha Training?


    Sencha Training

    Finally, Sencha Training will help you develop the skills you need to design and build great apps. 

    You can choose to get online or on-site training. So, if you are interested, read the Sencha Training website to learn about courses and online classes.

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