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PayPal Login : How to Login to PayPal Account

    Login Paypal Account Guide 2022. 

    In this article on the blog Digital Engine Land, we are going to discuss how to login to your PayPal account. It is a very simple process to Logging into a PayPal account and it can be done as fast as possible.

    Login paypal

    How to login PayPal

    PayPal is one of the popular payment gateways. It provides an opportunity to send and receive money on various platforms. The main storehouse of information is the website containing all account information though it has a mobile site. Let us understand about PayPal login for website and smartphone.

    Step 1- Logging into PayPal website

    The website of PayPal is the primary method of accessing the PayPal gateway. Just you need to visit the web browser on the computer and opt to Log in. in some cases you may have to flip through  proceed to overview account. After PayPal login you can check your account history , request to send or receive money and even alter the account settings. For obtaining help from the users the website also has a message board.

    Here is the step by step process to PayPal login:

    • A Page will appear like this:

    PayPal Login
    • Then fill your email address  or user id at the space for “Username”.
    PayPal Login Page
    • Then put your password at the next box showing to enter "password".

    • Now you need to cling on the login button that is showing below side after user id and password.

    Step 2-  Logging into Mobile site of PayPal

    The mobile version of PayPal does have the same type of features as the website. Though the entire content  is not fully formatted to alien on your mobile devices. It is possible to reach the community dashboard and it is just like the website. On the mobile website you are likely to come across all the primary account options and if the option of your choice is not available stick to a computer.

    Here is the step by step process to PayPal login on mobile:

    • Now Click on login button at the top right corner of the page.

    • Now enter email address used at the time of registration and your password.

    • And click on login and start using your PayPal account.

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