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What are the Key Trends of Engineering in India?

The diverse field of engineering can offer the students an opportunity to explore and promote the areas of learning that focus on the innovation and development of the technology. Engineering is the art of creating, developing, and designing systems and solutions by using pre-existing mathematical and scientific knowledge. Pursuing engineering can prepare students to look into the world's most complex challenges because they are versed with sound knowledge, integrity, and innovative ideas. 

trends of engineering in India

The top-grade engineering colleges in Dehradun offer a high-quality and up-to-date education that is relevant across a range of technology sectors. Dehradun is often known as the educational capital of India because it is springing up as an education hub that is home to many engineering colleges and the best universities offering a broad range of academic courses. While choosing an engineering college, you must look for the course curriculum and the industry exposure you get during your learning years. 

The engineering colleges of Dehradun focus on developing industry-aligned knowledge and skills with intensive classroom learnings, lab practical, and industry exposure. All this makes the colleges in Dehradun best to invest your valuable time and effort to earn an engineering degree. 

India is the largest producer of engineers as nearly 85% of young students are inclined towards this field. Engineering is among the most sought-after courses students pursue because it can offer them a plethora of job opportunities after earning a degree. In this article, we will tell you about the key engineering trends in India. Read on the article to get educated on the trends of engineering that can shape your entire professional career

The key trends of engineering in India are:

Mechanical Engineering: The field of engineering applies the principles of physics and material science principles for analyzing, manufacturing, and maintaining mechanical systems. The mechanical engineering graduates can seek employment in the thermal power industry, air conditioning and refrigeration industry, agricultural sector, aviation companies, etc.

Civil Engineering: The second oldest engineering stream has not loosened its relevance even after so many years. Civil engineering deals with designing, constructing, and maintaining the naturally and physically built environment.  Graduates of the civil engineering domain play a leading role in the urbanization and development of the nation in terms of infrastructure.   

Aerospace Engineering: This field of engineering deals with designing, constructing, and developing spacecraft and aircraft.  Aerospace engineering is among the most challenging sectors concerned primarily with developing space, aviation, and defense systems. The graduates can get a range of employment opportunities in aircraft manufacturing, defense services, skydiving manufacturing, etc. 

Electrical and Electronics Engineering: It is defined as studying and applying electromagnetism, electricity, and electronics. Electrical and electronics engineering is considered an evergreen field of engineering because it can offer employment in steel factories, construction sites, railways or handle automated systems that use direct electricity supply and distribution. 

Chemical Engineering: Physical science and life sciences, applied with mathematics and economics to produce, transport, and use the chemical, material, and energy properly, come under chemical engineering.

Computer Science/ IT: This domain of engineering has gained humongous popularity in the last few decades. Computer science is the systematic study of algorithms, operating systems, database management, programming language, computer network, artificial intelligence, etc. The main job of a computer science graduate is to develop hardware and software systems of various computer aspects. 

Now, when you know about the key trends, you can choose the correct department that can match your future goals. These engineering domains top the most in-demand engineering fields that can offer you lucrative job opportunities. Log on to our website to get more information about an engineering program!

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