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Sustainability Advertising: How to Do it Right?

In many ways, sustainability has assumed the role of the buzzword for the decade, or maybe the century. With the focus on environmental management and responsibility assuming greater significance, it is high time that businesses and marketers also begin focussing on eco-friendly practices, followed by disseminating knowledge and understanding of the same through sustainability marketing. 

More and more customers today are inclining towards companies that have taken the additional step towards sustainability and been responsible enough in their processes and outcomes. The idea behind sustainability or green marketing is to build a relationship of trust with customers, letting them know that you care about them and future generations. Believe it or not, sustainability has already assumed an integral role in marketing strategies today, and a sure-shot way of striding ahead of your competitors if done right. 

But what is the right way to plan and implement sustainability advertising initiatives anyway? Let’s find out. 

Strategies for Sustainability Marketing

Top Strategies for Sustainability Marketing 

The benefits of sustainability marketing are many – you stand out in the increasingly competitive environment, reduce the negative impact that you would have otherwise caused on your surroundings, establishing and augment your credibility, ensure long-term growth internally because of sustainable processes, and win newer audience segments interested in your approach, which will lead to higher revenues eventually. 

The question is, how do you go about planning and implementing sustainability advertising without changing what your business’ goals, products and services are. Luckily, there are several ways to “go green” when it comes to sending a message to customers. Let’s explore some of them. 

Focus on Sustainable Products and Designs

Sustainable design involves much more than just a recycled logo; you have to keep the entire product lifecycle in mind. Once you have introduced sustainable alternatives to the finer details of your product design, sourcing of materials and workers, production processes, waste generated, packaging and delivery of your product, you can talk about these steps in your sustainability advertising initiatives and earn the respect and attention of customers across the world. 

Besides having a positive impact on the environment, such steps will tell the customer that you are one of the few ones who care. Believe it or not, several customers these days are shunning irresponsible producers and opting for those who come with a promise of sustainability and eco-friendliness. Telling customers that you own responsibility for your activities and are trying your best to bring change will have a long-lasting impact on them. 

Strengthen Your eCommerce Game 

People are preferring digital over physical anyway, and with sustainability in focus, it is advisable that you establish a very strong eCommerce platform that could even replace a physical store. Besides saving travel costs for customers, going digital will also save your organization the often-overlooked costs of electricity and maintenance, besides the tonnes of waste produced on a daily basis. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted this concept like never before, and made people realize how easy it has become today to sit in the comfort of their home or office and order products or engage with professionals over services without having to travel to their stores or offices. Going digital might also help broaden your geographical reach and visibility through effective marketing efforts. 

Sustainable Packaging and Promo Items 

Customers understand and interpret what they see, instead of what you say. This makes it important to opt for sustainable packaging and promo items, because these are what customers will associate you with. Reusable coffee cups, hemp tote bags, multi-purpose utilities, using digital mediums instead of paper are just some of the ways you can establish your focus on sustainability in the minds of the customer.

When it comes to packaging too, going minimal and going responsible is the only way to maintain your promise of sustainability. Plastics are the biggest reason for pollution of our planet, both terrestrial and marine, with 8.3 billion tonnes of plastic having been produced since the 1950s, and only 9% of this amount having been recycled. This is why using sustainable packaging methods using biodegradable products like cardboard, paper, organic fabrics and so on can establish your brand’s responsible thinking. 

Embrace Your CSR

CSR or Corporate Social Responsibility is one of the most critical and amazing ways to let customers know that you believe in giving back to the environment. Spending some time crafting a brilliant CSR initiative can send out a very strong message to the customer – that your values are for real and you are indeed a champion of sustainability. 

Whether it is cleaning the beaches around the city or starting and maintaining a forest that breathes life back into the urban jungle, there are several ideas to explore when it comes to CSRO projects. You might even want to endorse local artisans and weavers, thus omitting the need for imports or long-distance transportation of products, besides offering a source of income to these long-ignored workers. 

Hiring a diverse yet local workforce to ensure representation as well as opening of windows of opportunity could also win you widespread appreciation. You could try focusing on sustainability even for common office resources, such as saving paper, going fair trade, using recycled and upcycled goods, and so on. 

Sustainability or green marketing has been gaining traction over the years, though there are no steadfast standards and practices that one has to follow. There is really no dearth of options – you can go as far as your imagination takes you! The idea is to send out the right message by taking a lead on such activities and processes, and imbibing sustainability into your overall approach first. 

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